Procedure 2555

Plan for Crime Awareness
and Campus Security

Northland Pioneer College shall comply with all federal and state laws concerning crime awareness and campus security. Northland Pioneer College's plan for compliance is set forth in this Procedure.

A. Reporting Crimes and Emergencies Occurring on or
next to Campus

Employees, students, and all other persons are to report criminal actions or other emergencies occurring on campuses or centers in Navajo and Apache counties by taking the following steps:

  1. Dial 911. Use pay or public telephones at the campus/center as appropriate. Pay/public telephone availability is as follows:
    • Hopi Center: Pay phone in student lounge
    • Kayenta Center: Public phone in center office
    • Little Colorado Campus: Public phones in Student Lounge and Learning Center lobby
    • Painted Desert Campus: Pay phone in Student Center Lounge.
    • Silver Creek Campus: Public phones in Student Center office, Learning Center lobby, Performing Arts Center lobby, pay phone outside Student Lounge
    • St. Johns Center: Public phone in center office
    • Springerville/Eagar Center: Public phone in center office
    • White Mountain Campus: Public phones in Aspen Center hallway, Aspen Center office, Learning Center lobby, Goldwater hallway, Ponderosa lobby
    • Whiteriver Center: Public phone in center office and pay phone in student lounge
  2. Report the criminal action or emergency to the appropriate campus or center manager. The reporting individual should complete a Campus Security Incident Report Form and Cover Sheet. The campus/center manager will forward copies of the Campus Security Incident Report Form and Cover Sheet to the Vice President of Learning and Student Services, the Vice President for Administrative Services, and, as needed, local law enforcement. Northland Pioneer College allows anonymous reporting on the Campus Security Incident Report Form provided by the College and delivered to the Campus/Center Manager or the Vice President of Learning and Student Services.
  3. Should campus/center manager or staff be unavailable, the reporting individual should contact the Vice President of Learning and Student Services (928-532-6141) or his/her administrative assistant (928-532-6129). Reporting individuals may also notify any college employee of any criminal action or emergency. The college employee should then make official notification to the college of the criminal action or emergency by completing step 2 as noted above.
  4. All students are encouraged to preserve evidence of sexual assaults. Some evidence is perishable and prompt action must be taken to ensure a viable prosecution of the perpetrator. All students and employees are encouraged to report any sexual assault to the authorities by following the procedure outlined in subsection "A" including calling 911 and reporting any incident using the Campus Security Incident Report Form and Cover Sheet. Should a student desire assistance in contacting local law enforcement authorities, NPC staff shall promptly provide such assistance. See also Northland Pioneer College Procedure 2762.
  5. Northland Pioneer College does not maintain a campus police department or a campus security department at this time.

B. Security and access to campus facilities

Northland Pioneer College personnel shall ensure that all classroom facilities remain locked when not in use, and only those persons authorized to attend classes or to utilize college facilities, i.e. students, faculty, staff, and those authorized through an approved facility request form to utilize specific facilities, shall have access to college facilities.

The college does not have any on-campus residence halls at the time of adoption of this Procedure. If the college obtains on-campus residence halls in the future, the security of on-campus residence halls on Northland Pioneer College shall be the responsibility of the housing administrator and residence hall head residents. Off-campus contract residence hall security shall be the responsibility of the contract provider and the individual students. On and off-campus residence hall students are encouraged to keep their individual rooms locked at all times and are not to keep items of excessive value in their rooms. In addition, all residence hall students are to receive a copy of the residence hall contract that deals specifically with safety and security considerations while living in campus housing.

C. Campus Law Enforcement

The college shall work closely with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that proper investigations are conducted and reported to the college. The college will encourage and seek the prosecution of all criminals. Northland Pioneer College designated liaison personnel shall maintain an ongoing working relationship with state and local police agencies. Northland Pioneer College designated liaison personnel shall gather from local law enforcement and maintain statistics concerning the occurrence of criminal activity of students at off-campus locations involving student organizations.

Northland Pioneer College students, staff and faculty are encouraged to report to the proper police jurisdiction agency, any and all crimes. If the crime occurs on campus/ center locations, it should be reported to the campus/center managers pursuant to subsection A of this Procedure.

Any student, staff, or faculty member who becomes aware of a crime, or who is the victim of a crime should make an accurate and prompt report of that crime, in order to ensure successful police action. Pastoral or ecclesiastical leaders are encouraged to suggest voluntary confidential reporting by victims of crimes as set forth in this procedure.

D. Crime Prevention Awareness and Education

  1. The annual disclosure of crime statistics.
    The Vice President for Learning and Student Services shall prepare and disseminate as required by law and Northland Pioneer College Policy and Procedure the annual disclosure required. The terms of this Procedure shall be included in the annual report. Northland Pioneer College personnel will gather and maintain statistics for the calendar year in which crimes are reported concerning the occurrence of criminal activity for each and all campuses/centers sites for the following criminal offenses reported to either college personnel or local law enforcement agencies:
    • Murder and Non negligent manslaughter
    • Negligent manslaughter
    • Forcible sex offenses
    • Nonforcible sex offenses
    • Robbery
    • Aggravated assault
    • Burglary
    • Motor vehicle theft
    • Arson
    Northland Pioneer College personnel will also gather statistics concerning on-campus arrests and campus disciplinary action for:
    1. liquor law violations
    2. drug law violations and
    3. illegal weapons possessions.
    Crimes shall be reported by category of prejudice, and by location based on the following breakdown:
    1. On-campus;
    2. Of the crimes on-campus, the number of crimes that took place in dormitories or other residential facilities for students on-campus;
    3. In or on a non-campus building or property; and
    4. On public property.
    No statistical report shall contain any information that would identify a victim. The report need not contain any reports from pastoral or ecclesiastical leaders unless the report is made voluntarily and includes permission to include the report in the statistics.
    Northland Pioneer College shall gather from local law enforcement and maintain statistics concerning the occurrence of criminal activity of students at off-campus locations involving student organizations. Off-campus student organizations are those student organizations officially approved and regulated by Northland Pioneer College.
    The college will request, through local law enforcement agencies, copies of any and all police reports, concerning incidents or crimes that occur at off-campus student organization locations, which involve students or staff from Northland Pioneer College. College personnel and/or designated liaison personnel shall be responsible to monitor and keep record of all such reports.
    All students and employees shall be given the opportunity to learn how to contact appropriate law enforcement officials, the practices and procedures which are used by college officials in the reporting of crimes, and encouraged to be responsible for their own safety and the security of others by being notified of this Procedure and the yearly Internet publication of the "Crime Awareness and Campus Security" report (see Students shall be informed of the Report and of the importance of security concerns through information provided in the College Catalog and at any orientation for students. Employee security training shall be included at least annually in employee training and in new employee orientation. Any programs provided by local law enforcement shall be advertised in such training and orientations.
    A letter informing local ecclesiastical leaders of the availability of confidential crime reporting at the College shall be sent annually to such local leaders.
  2. Warning reports to members of the campus community.
    NPC will immediately and without delay notify the campus community upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or staff on campus (as defined in the Clery Act). Please note that, should such a warning compromise efforts to contain the emergency, they may be withheld by NPC in accordance with the Act.
    If the immediate dissemination would facilitate safety and security because the crimes are considered to represent a threat to students and employees, the College shall disseminate information relating to the crimes indicated in subsection "D" of this procedure on a case by case basis through campus information systems, newsletters, bulletin boards or other informational systems and methods that will facilitate prevention of similar crimes. The college will not disseminate information obtained from reports to pastoral or ecclesiastical leaders unless the victim agrees to voluntarily release the information. No report or informational statement made under this subsection shall include any identifying information about a victim or the accused.
    The Residence Hall Administrator, or if the college has no on-campus housing at the time the Vice President for Learning and Student Services, shall hold regular meetings to inform students of the continued need for security practices, including the protection of their personal property.
  3. College Community Notification Process - Emergency Notification
    Each event will be evaluated to determine the notification method. They may include:
    • Community Alert System
    • E-mail
    • Text messaging
    NPC will test the emergency response and evacuation procedures annually. Testing may be pre-announced or not and will be documented on the NPC web site.
  4. Rape, acquaintance rape, and other forcible and nonforcible sex offenses
    NPC provides information about sexual harassment, rape, acquaintance rape and other forcible and nonforcible sex offenses through its dissemination of its procedure against sexual harassment in the College Catalog, the Employee Handbook and student and employee orientation and training.
    The following services exist for assistance of victims of sexual assaults: Navajo County or Apache County Attorney Victim Services and Navajo County or Apache County Crime Victim's Compensation Fund; Community Counseling Center. Contact information for these services is available at the Vice President of Learning and Student Services office. No on-campus counseling is available.
    NPC Procedures 2762 and 2625 provide for discipline up to and including termination or expulsion for violations of the college's policy against sexual harassment and assault. In accordance with Northland Pioneer College Procedure 2762 NPC provides appropriate action including but not limited to changes in a victim's academic and living situations (for NPC affiliated housing) if requested by a victim and they are reasonably available.
    Notwithstanding any other college procedure, an alleged victim of a forcible or non forcible sexual assault is entitled to have representation at any hearing or proceeding involving the incident on the same basis as the accused, and both the accuser and the accused shall be informed of the outcome of any institutional disciplinary proceeding brought alleging a sex offense.
    Arizona sex offender registration information can be found at the current Arizona Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Information Site. At the time of revision of this procedure found at Some sex offender information is only disseminated locally. The local agency for disseminating sex offender information is the Navajo County Sheriff's Office. Their contact information is PO Box 668, Holbrook AZ 86025, phone 928-524-4300.

E. Use and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs

See Northland Pioneer College Procedures 2624, 2625, 2750 and Policy 1560. Northland Pioneer College students are expected and required to report to school in appropriate mental and physical condition. It is the College's intent and obligation to provide a drug and alcohol free, healthful, safe, and secure environment.

[Based on Policy #1350; Revised 06/11]