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All bachelor's degrees require you to fulfill basic general education requirements before starting core courses in your major. When you complete these general education requirements at NPC, you'll get a quality education while saving thousands of dollars! And our degrees are guaranteed to fully transfer to ASU, NAU and UofA.

Receive More Personal AttentionNPC Transfer Guide 11-12

You'll get a better educational experience with NPC's smaller class sizes and dedicated instructors who take a personal interest in your learning, and our friendly staff can help you over
any rough spots.

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Choose from 4 degrees guaranteed to transfer to Arizona state universities

  1. Associate of Arts (AA)
  2. Associate of Arts in Elementary Education (AAEE)
  3. Associate of Business (ABus)
  4. Associate of Science (AS)

The general education component of these transfer degrees fulfills the requirements of the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC). Completed general education components transfer as a block, without loss of credit, to ASU, UofA, and NAU. The AZ Transfer guide also lists NPC electives that will transfer to ASU for these four degrees.

Resources for Transfer Success

Always speak to an NPC Academic Adviser.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine which classes you should take if you intend to eventually transfer from NPC to another institution. Ensure that you get the most up-to-date information, always meet with your NPC academic adviser each semester.

AZ Transfer Website

Valuable information about the university transfer process can be found at the Arizona Transfer website. On the AZ Transfer website you'll find the Course Applicability System (CAS), a resource for transfer students to help determine which NPC courses meet transfer requirements. Students should never rely on the CAS system only, since requirements can change, ALWAYS speak to an NPC academic adviser each semester.

SUN Number Transfer Guarantee  Sun number icon

NPC courses that transfer directly Arizona's state universities (ASU, NAU, UofA) as well as other public Arizona community colleges now have an additional notation in the NPC class schedule and college catalog: a SUN number. Watch for SUN numbers. When you enroll in an NPC course having this unique identifier, you'll know those class credits will be accepted by any Arizona state university/ community college. The SUN number consists of the SUN symbol followed by a unique three-letter prefix and four-digit course number. Example: NPC lists General Biology I with the designation BIO 181 and also includes the SUN number, SUN# BIO1181. See the SUN System website for more details.

Non-Arizona State Universities

NPC has course articulation agreements with some area (non-state) colleges and universities. Students should ask an NPC adviser for more information if they are thinking of transferring to a non-state institution. Also see the NPC transfer agreements page.

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