Procedure 2624

Drug-Free Student Environment

It is the intent and policy of the college to maintain a drug and alcohol free environment for its students.

  1. Students are expected and required to report to school in appropriate mental and physical condition. It is our intent and obligation to provide a drug and alcohol free, healthful, safe, and secure environment.
  2. Students, as a condition of enrollment, shall at least once each year sign a statement acknowledging receipt in writing for careful consideration, information provided by the district detailing:
    1. Standards of conduct related to the possession, use or distribution of drugs and alcohol by students on the institutions' property or as any part of the institution's activities;
    2. A description of applicable legal sanctions under local, state, and federal law for unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol;
    3. A description of the health risks associated with use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol, and
    4. A description of any drug and alcohol counseling treatment, or rehabilitation or reentry programs that are available to students.
  3. The college prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of controlled substances and alcohol on college premises or while participating in any college activity.
  4. Violations will be referred to the Vice President for Learning and Student Services office for action in accordance with Procedure #2625 (Student Code of Conduct). Disciplinary sanctions will be imposed, consistent with local, state and federal law. Violations may result in probation, suspension from school or expulsion. Disciplinary sanctions may also include the completion of an appropriate rehabilitation program.
  5. The college recognizes drug and/or alcohol dependency as illnesses and major health problems. The college also recognizes drug and alcohol abuses as potential health, safety, and security problems. Students needing help in dealing with such problems are encouraged to seek it either through their own resources or by requesting help or referral through an academic advising office. Conscientious efforts to seek help will not jeopardize the student's enrollment.
  6. Serious violations will result in students being reported to local law enforcement officials for appropriate local, state, or federal action. Prosecution can result in fine, prison terms, or both.
  7. The college will conduct a biennial review of its Program to Prevent Illicit Use of Drugs and Abuse of Alcohol by Employees and Students to determine its effectiveness, implement needed changes, and ensure that disciplinary sanctions are consistently enforced.
  8. [Based on Policy #1560; Rev. 5/2/96, 12/19/12]