Procedure 2751

Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control

Students and employees who are identified as having communicable diseases may attend the college with reasonable accommodation. Reasonable accommodation will be utilized when there is medical justification that the transmission of the disease is highly doubtful and/or the risk of further exposure or injury to other students and employees is improbable.

When college officials have sufficient reason to believe that a student or employee has contracted a communicable disease and that through transmission, there is potential harm and/or risk to other students and employees, the student or employee will be required to be evaluated by medical professionals at their expense within a designated time frame. If the student or employee chooses not to be medically evaluated, they will be removed from all college activities/responsibilities. Should the student or employee not follow through with a medical evaluation within the designated time frame, they will be removed from all college activities/responsibilities until medical evaluation is attained.

Following medical evaluation, and upon the written recommendations and findings from the attending physician, the President, or designee, may require the student or employee to be isolated. Isolation may include, but not be limited to temporary removal of the student or employee from a residence hall, classes, and college employment. These decisions will be according to the recommendation of the attending physician and/or public health guidelines.

The college will not assume the responsibility for carrying out the isolation of a student or employee who has contracted a communicable disease. The student or employee will be responsible for securing alternative living quarters should the college require isolation.

The right to privacy and confidentiality of any student or employee who has contracted a communicable disease will be respected. Disclosure of medical condition will only occur to the extent required to minimize the health risks to other students and employees. The President or designee will determine appropriate disclosure of information. Employee group medical insurance plans cover treatment and care for communicable diseases in the same way care is provided for any other condition.

[Based on Policy #1561; Rev 8/25/95]