Procedure 2720

Changes in terms of employment

  1. Purpose
    A change in terms of employment may consist of a reduction in force, a reduction in work hours, a reduction in compensation and/or a furlough. Such changes may be necessitated by a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to changes in or decreases to work requirements, reorganization, a decline in enrollment, elimination of educational or administrative services or programs, reduced funding or financial constraints.
  2. Applicability
    This procedure applies to all employees except for student employees, temporary employees, or probationary employees.
  3. Procedure
    1. If the President determines that a change in terms of employment is necessary, the President shall make a written recommendation for such a change to the Board. The recommendation shall identify the employees who would be affected by the recommended change in terms of employment. The President’s recommendation should be designed to achieve any necessary savings with as little disruption to the College’s mission as possible.
    2. The change in terms of employment that is recommended by the President shall take effect on the date proposed by the President, which shall be at least ninety (90) days after the recommendation is submitted by the President to the Board, unless the Board rejects or modifies the recommendation prior to its effective date.
    3. Employees who would be affected by the proposed change in terms of employment shall be given prompt notice of the President’s recommendation. Those employees may submit written comments concerning the recommendation to the Board. Such comments should be submitted no later than ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which the Board is to consider the President’s recommendation.
    4. The Board shall consider the President’s recommendation at a public meeting. The Board may allow a reasonable opportunity for public comment concerning the President’s recommendation. The Board shall approve, modify or reject the President’s recommendation within ninety (90) days from the date it is submitted to the Board by the President.
  4. Procedures Applicable to a Reduction in Force
    1. When a change in terms of employment consists of a reduction in force, during a one (1) year period from the date when an employee’s employment was terminated, affected employees shall be considered on layoff status. Such employees shall be offered reemployment if suitable positions become available. If positions become available that could be filled by more than one employee on layoff status, the President shall determine the order in which reemployment will be offered. An individual who is offered reemployment will have ten (10) working days within which to accept or decline the offer. To be entitled to an offer of reemployment, the affected employee must inform the College's Human Resources Department of his or her availability for work. The employee must also keep the Human Resources Department apprised of his or her current mailing address throughout the one (1) year period. Written notice of any offers of reemployment shall be sent to the most current address on file for the employee with the College’s Human Resources Department. After one (1) year following the effective date of a layoff, the employee will have no further hiring priority rights.
    2. Layoff status will impact the benefits of affected employees in the following ways:
      1. Retirement service credit is not accrued during the layoff period.
      2. Health benefits are covered to the extent permitted under COBRA regulations. If the employee elects to continue health coverage, he or she must pay the entire premium for the insurance, which will include both the employee's and the College's portion of the premium.
      3. Annual or any other leave benefits are not accrued during the layoff period. Annual leave or any other leave benefits due at the beginning of the layoff period will be paid to the affected employee at normal paycheck distribution time following the date of layoff.
      4. Sick leave is not accrued during the layoff period, but sick leave hours that have already accrued at the time the employee is placed on layoff status will be retained. Sick leave benefits may not be used during the layoff period.
      5. Employees on layoff status and their eligible dependents may continue to participate in the employee tuition waiver program during the one (1) year period.
    3. The Human Resources Department will assist employees on layoff status in finding new employment by providing outplacement counseling and services for three (3) months following the layoff.

Based on Policy # 1595 ; Effective July 1, 2011