Procedure 2708

Leasing of Employment Services (Suspended 12/7/2009)

The purpose is to provide a means for the College to secure the services of individuals through private entities that employ personnel needed by the district. Arizona Revised Statutes §15-502 and §38-766.01 authorizes employment agreements of this type.

  1. In certain instances it may be beneficial to the College to have the option to use leasing to either obtain or to retain the services of individuals.
  2. Consideration to use employee leasing will be based on the needs and interests of the College. Broad criteria to be used in determining whether a current employee will be eligible for a leasing arrangement include but are not limited to the need for continuity of service, the need to complete a major project, the need to retain exceptional talent, or the need to retain significant institutional memory. External candidates who are recommended for a particular position may be allowed to participate in an employee leasing arrangement if it is in the best interests of the College. Individual circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the President to determine whether a leasing arrangement is in the best interests of the College.
  3. Should the President deem that a leasing arrangement would be in the College's best interest, the President may execute a leasing arrangement subject to the guidelines in section II.
  4. Employee leasing agreements will be on a year-to-year basis at the College's discretion. In the event that the employee leasing agreement is discontinued, the College may announce the position through its employment process.
  1. The leasing of services of classified, faculty, and administrative personnel is permitted.
  2. Application to participate in an employee leasing arrangement for the subsequent fiscal year must be made to the President before January 15 preceding the start of the fiscal year.
  3. Any staff member who is eligible to retire under Arizona State Retirement System rules may apply to participate in an employee leasing arrangement.
  4. When the College enters into an employee leasing arrangement, the compensation percentage will be set not to exceed 90% of the individual's current year salary for current College employees and will be set not to exceed 90% of the hiring offer for external candidates.

The following guidelines apply for those instances where an individual previously employed by the College wants to return to regular employment after having participated in an employee leasing arrangement.

  1. By January 15 the individual participating in an employee leasing arrangement must submit a written request to the President, who will respond within 30 days.
  2. The individual must follow the return to work requirements as established by the Arizona State Retirement System.
  3. The individual would return with no reinstatement of previous seniority but would not serve a probationary period.
  4. Initial salary would be set not to exceed 90% of annual salary prior to participation in the employee leasing arrangement.
  5. Staff returning to regular employment after participating in an employee leasing arrangement would be considered regular employees for all college programs, policies and procedures.

[Based on Policy #1524; New 02/17/06 Suspended 12/7/09]