Payment Due Dates

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Attention Students!

Don’t lose your seat in your class! Pay your bill on time.

All students are required to have ALL documentation and payments - OR - payment arrangements completed by the dates listed below.

Payment completion dates are based on WHEN you register for classes. If payment or payment arrangements have NOT been set up by the date listed below, you will be dropped from your classes.

A late registration fee of $25 applies to fall semester registrations made on or after January 16, 2018.


If you registered for classes between:   Payment must be made ON or BEFORE this date or you will be dropped from your class:
Nov. 27 and
Dec. 8
  December 8, 2017
Dec. 9 and
Jan. 5
  January 5, 2018
After Jan. 5   Payment due at time of registration  

The tuition and fees charged for the course(s) for which a student registers represent a valid educational debt that the student owes to Navajo County Community College District, doing business as Northland Pioneer College (NPC).

The student agrees to pay any amounts remaining unpaid after the application of financial aid, third-party payments, and/or scholarships, if any. A student who fails to pay his or her outstanding obligations to the college may be denied future enrollment until the account is settled in full. Should action be necessary to collect a delinquent account, the student agrees to pay the collection costs, attorney fees and court costs incurred for collection. The student should also understanding that information regarding a delinquency may be disclosed to credit bureaus and may affect his or her credit rating.

See Payment Responsibilities.

Questions? Contact the Business Office at (928) 524-7480.