VA and NPC Benefits Regulations

The Department of Veteran Affairs regulations require that all persons using veteran educational benefits make satisfactory academic progress toward their programs of study. Benefit recipients must:

  1. Advise the veteran certifying official of any change in course adds/drops/or degree changes.
  2. Attend class and take final exams.
  3. Follow Title IV policies.
  4. Make Satisfactory Academic Progress
  5. Submit all transcripts from other colleges and universities by the end of your second semester.
  6. Complete the mandatory VA Orientation.
  7. Keep NPC VA Certifying Official and VA informed of correct address/phone number.
  8. If the VA recipient withdraws from their class(es), the student will receive a "W" on their transcript and may have to repay any monies they have received. The VA student must also notify the Veterans Certifying Official within one week of the withdrawal.
  9. If the student is dropped from the 45th day attendance FTSE roster, the student will receive a "W" on their transcript and may owe back any monies they received after the last day of attendance (LDA). Students receiving VA benefits may not receive a "W" grade from their instructor, they will receive an "F" grade at the end of the term.

Please Note: If the above requirements are not met, the student will be placed on academic probation after one semester of non-compliance. The recipient has the next enrolled semester to attain a cumulative 2.0 GPA or be placed on academic suspension from veteran educational benefits.

Enrollment Status:

  • Chapter 30, 35, 1606, 1607
    The number of credits enrolled in determines the amount of benefits the VA student will receive.
    Classification of enrollment:
    12 credit hours or more … full time
    9 to 11 credit hours … 3/4 time
    6 to 8 credit hours … 1/2 time
    1 to 5 credit hours … less than 1/2 time
    Summer sessions are calculated on an accelerated basis.
  • Chapter 33
    Benefits are received according to a student's calculated Rate of Pursuit. The rate of pursuit must be more than 50% to receive the housing allowance, for summer, spring and fall. A student's rate of pursuit of 50% or less will reimburse tuition and fees only.

Change in Student Status

All students receiving veterans benefits are required by law to keep the NPC Veterans Certifying Official informed of the following: Withdrawals from classes, additional credits added, change in degree program, and address change of benefit recipient.