New NPC student registration

New students: follow these steps to register for NPC courses.

Step 1

You must fill out an NPC

Step 2

Speak to an Academic Adviser

NPC academic advisers provide you with valuable guidance on how to reach your educational goals. Our advisers can assist you in selecting the right courses for your career path and help you develop a degree/certificate plan so you don't waste time or money! Click here to see a complete list of advisers at all our locations.

Step 3

Take a Placement Test

You may be required to take an academic placement test. This is generally true in cases where you have not already taken a placement test and plan to take courses with placement prerequisites - OR - are pursuing an NPC Associates Degree, Certificate of Applied Science, or Arizona General Education Curriculum.

  • Don't be afraid! This test is only to help ensure that NPC is placing you in the right courses. We want you to succeed!
  • Contact an academic adviser to find out if you need to schedule a test date. The cost of testing is $10.
    You may only take the placement test up to three times in one year.
  • You are encouraged to complete the placement test BEFORE registration begins. We encourage you to make an appointment with an adviser beforehand, so you will have time available to take the test the same day.

Step 4

Register for your classes!
(To register for online/internet courses ONLY – click here.)

New students can register for traditional, on-site classes:

  1. In person at any NPC campus or center closest to you.
         (click here for locations)
  2. By phone -  call toll-free (800) 266-7845 and ask for the
         Records & Registration Office
    , ext. 7459.
  • When you register by phone, you will be issued a Student ID number. Due to Federal law we CANNOT give you that number over the phone, so your student ID number will be sent to you via postal mail. It may take 3-5 days for you to get this information.
  • If you register in person at any campus/center location, please be sure to bring a photo ID. You will be given your student ID number then and will be able to get your Student ID Card.

Step 5

Pay Your Tuition and Fees


NPC accepts the following forms of payment:

  • e-Cashier Payment Plan - Pay in full or budget your payments online AFTER you register for classes!
  • Cash
  • Credit or debit card payments through MasterCard, Discover or VISA
  • Cashier's Check or Money Order
  • Personal Check (Must be pre-printed with the account holder's name, Arizona address and have a greater check number than 199)

Be sure to make your payment on time so you don't get dropped from your classes! See payment due dates for college tuition and fees here.

Non-Payment Policy:
If payment or arrangements for payment are not made within the posted payment schedule, you may be dropped from classes or prevented from registering in future semesters. This policy applies to checks returned due to insufficient funds, stop payment, or a closed account, or for e-Cashier payment termination for closed or missed payment or payment arrangements not completed within allotted time period.

Note: If NPC receives a personal check back due to insufficient funds, a stop payment or a closed account, you have five (5) business days from the date the returned check was received by NPC to make a cash payment or other arrangements. A fee of $25 will be charged for each instance. Personal checks will not be accepted from individuals who have had checks returned to NPC for insufficient funds, stop payment or a closed account in the past.

Step 6

Get Your Student ID Card

You will need to have a valid form of photo ID with you to verify your identity AND your
                        paid registration receipt.

As a registered student, you will need to obtain a Student Identification/Library Card from your campus or center library. This card allows you to check out library materials and verifies you as a NPC student. Also, several local businesses offer student discounts to those with a valid ID.

Step 7

Go to NPC's Online Bookstore

You can order all your textbooks and supplies through NPC's Online Bookstore. You will need to have the course number for each of the classes your are registered for.

Tip: Textbook costs vary widely depending on the number of and types of courses taken. We estimate that the average student enrolled in 15 credits will have approximately $500 in textbook costs. Financial aid may be available.

Note: All deferred bookstore purchases using the e-Cashier Payment Plan will require up to a 25% down payment as outlined in your e-Cashier Payment Plan agreement.

Congratulations, you are now ready to attend classes at NPC!