Perkins Grant

Purpose and Requirements of Perkins Funding

The purpose of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education
Improvement Act of 2006
is the support of career & technical (occupational)
programs by providing annual grant funds which Northland Pioneer College
is required to use for the following:

  • Strengthen the academic, occupational and technical skills of students
  • Provide students with strong experience in and understanding of all
    aspects of an industry, including partnerships/collaboration with local
    industry representatives
  • Develop, improve or expand the use of technology in career and
    technical education
  • Provide professional development programs to instructors, counselors
    and administrators
  • Develop and implement evaluations of career & technical
    education programs
  • Initiate, improve, expand and modernize quality career & technical
    education programs
  • Provide services and activities that are of sufficient size, scope and
    quality to be effective
  • Link secondary and postsecondary career and technical education
    including Tech Prep initiatives and articulation agreements to
    include credits.

NPC Grant Funded Programs 
2012 - 13
    2011 - 12
Cosmetology       Computer Information Systems A+, N+
Fire Science       Fire Science
Industrial Maintenance
& Operations
      Industrial Maintenance
& Operations
Medical Assistant       Nursing
Nursing Assistant       Welding

Reporting Requirements

To receive Perkins grant funding NPC is required to submit an extensive grant application as well as regular fiscal and program reports to ensure compliance with federal and state law. In addition, NPC has to report if the program meets the annually adjusted Performance Measure Levels (CAR Report).

NPC current reporting timeline:

Performance Measures

Northland Pioneer College is required to submit its annual performance regarding the Perkins Performance Measures via the Consolidated Annual Report (CAR report).

Improvement Plan - If a college does not meet at least 90% of the annually adjusted Performance Measure Levels, an Improvement Plan has to be submitted for the next grant year. NPC failed to meet the state level of performance on 4P1, Student Placement (employment).

For questions regarding this program please contact the Career & Technical Education Division via email or call (800) 266-7845, ext. 6232.