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The College and Career Preparation Department allows for the appropriate match between students and the courses that best fit his or her learning needs and goals. Courses are offered at a variety of instructional levels from basic literacy to high school equivalency to prerequisites for college-level classes.

In each course, reading, writing, math, science, social studies and workforce skills are integrated to provide meaningful application. College and Career Preparation provides students with a variety of support services: placement testing, small class size, tutoring and the use of the Student Writing Center. Your first steps to academic success begin here.

To assist you with these steps, an Adult Basic Education Program (ABE) Tuition Scholarship is available to students who are seeking a high school equivalency diploma. The scholarship is designed to provide public access to adult basic education through College and Career Preparation (CCP) courses. ABE scholarships pay for tuition and fees for qualifying courses and are offered to students meeting eligibility criteria on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, please contact College and Career Preparation Department, Northland Pioneer College, P.O. Box 610, Holbrook, AZ 86025; (800) 266-7845, ext. 6536.

All CCP courses are aligned to the Arizona Adult Education Standards.

Areas of Study

  • LITERACY I – Introduction to beginning reading and writing to build a foundation based in everyday activities and career readiness utilizing the Laubach method.
  • LITERACY II – Introduction to second level of reading and writing skills utilizing Labauch method with emphasis on sight and written vocabulary.  Continued use of technology as it applies to career readiness.
  • LITERACY III – Level three literary skills including reading and writing words with long and short vowel patterns; diagramming parts of speech; increased reading and writing vocabulary; applying the writing process to a variety of writing products will enhance keyboard skills.
  • READING/WRITING APPLICATIONS I – Reading and writing study and practice with integrated math application activities through a career focus..
  • OPPORTUNITIES THROUGH EDUCATION – Orientation to assess a student’s readiness for the High School Equivalency test. Placement testing will determine areas of remediation while introducing students to the various services and academic degrees offered by NPC.
  • READING/WRITING APPLICATIONS II – Students are taught to comprehend complex functional, informational, and literary texts. Students are taught to apply the writing process to create a variety of analytical writing products that reflect the understanding of materials read.
  • MATHEMATICAL APPLICATIONS II – Instruction and practice of foundational math skills with real-world applications for work, home, and continuing education.
  • READING/WRITING APPLICATIONS III SCIENCE – Strengthens the skills of reading and writing in the areas of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science in preparation for college and career success.
  • READING/WRITING APPLICATIONS III SOCIAL STUDIES – Strengthens skills and concepts in the areas of US history, civics, political systems, economics, and geography with integration of reading and writing skills in preparation for college and career success.
  • MATH APPLICATIONS III – A comprehensive approach to mathematical concepts for application in the workforce with math instruction and practice using real-world careers with each concept. This is a preparation course for college and career readiness.
  • READING/WRITING APPLICATIONS IV – Reading and writing skills are integrated with science and social studies to create proficiency in independently disseminating complex information in a variety of content areas.
  • HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY EXAM PREP II – Content review, study preparation, and confidence building to complete one or more sub-tests of the Arizona high school equivalency exam.
  • BEGINNING ALGEBRA WITH APPLICATIONS – Beginning algebra through mathematical exploration and modeling of real problems. Topics include signed numbers, measurement, one and two variable data, linear equations, graphing, and polynomials.
  • HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY READY – Provides students with test taking strategies, computer skill assessments, and high school equivalency practice tests to determine readiness to pass the Arizona high school equivalency test.
  • WORKFORCE SKILLS – Enhances soft skills and provides instruction and practice with workforce skills in three key subject areas: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information plus soft skills in Work Discipline, Teamwork, Managerial Potential, and Customer Service Orientation. Includes National Career Readiness Certificate Plus preparation and WorkKeys Assessment.
  • WORKFORCE SKILLS II – Advanced workforce skills in three key subject areas: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information plus skills in Customer Service, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. Emphasis will be placed on developing a functional Resume and refining interview skills.
  • GED PREPARATION – Provides courses focused on preparing for the GED and a pre-testing orientation, including the Official GED Practice Tests. CCP staff members analyze practice test results and make recommendations for study and/or testing strategy.

Support services

  • STUDENT WRITING CENTERS – Provide all students with facilities, equipment and technical assistance for completing college writing assignments and résumés. Access will be granted to NPC students who complete the required lab orientation.
  • LEARNING ASSISTANTS – Learning Assistants provide college placement testing and CCP placement. They provide tutoring and learning assistance for CCP students. CCP courses are aligned to the Arizona Adult Education Standards.
  • CONTACT THE CCP STAFF – We have staff ready to help you at almost every NPC campus and center!

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