GED - High School Equivalency Diploma

NPC is in the process of becoming an approved testing site for the new computer-based GED test. We hope to begin offering the exam again soon!

About this program

The GED (General Education Diploma) test provides a method to award a high school equivalency degree to adults who have not graduated from traditional high schools. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people, people like you, earn their GEDs. Perhaps you left school to help take care of your family. Maybe you didn't "fit in" with the kids at the high school you attended or, maybe, you didn't think a high school diploma really meant anything. Now you know what it means NOT to have that piece of paper!

It's not too late! The NPC GED program provides you the opportunity to earn your high school equivalency diploma outside of school. It could be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

■ The benefits

  • Get a better job: The majority of jobs in this country require a high school diploma. The GED transcript is accepted by employers, just like a high school diploma.
  • Continue your education: A GED transcript is accepted at most colleges and universities across the country as proof you have completed your high school education. Some colleges even have scholarship programs for GED graduates.
  • Feel more self-respect: By earning their diplomas, many GED graduates experience a remarkable improvement in how they feel about themselves and their lives. It can make a difference!
  • Increase your income: Income increases with your level of education. A better job usually means better pay.
  • Invest in the future: Educated parents have better educated children. Earning a GED isn't just an investment in yourself, it is also an investment in the future of your children.
  • Earn a bonus: Those who pass the GED examination are awarded a six-credit hour NPC scholarship.

NPC Requirements

■ Orientation

Northland Pioneer College requires completion of two preparatory courses prior to taking the GED test. First you must take TLC 099 and achieve sufficient TABE scores to move onto TLC 058. Both of these courses will greatly improve your GED test success.

Upon completion of TLC 099 and 058, students will receive a GED Referral form with a recommendation for either further instruction or GED testing. Students must present this referral form to the front office when registering for the GED test.


The GED test measures your knowledge and academic skills against those of today's traditional high school graduates. Most test questions require the understanding of broad concepts and generalizations, rather than the ability to remember facts, details or precise definitions.

■ Passing scores

  • A minimum of 410 on each testAND
  • A combined total of 2250 points on ALL five tests with an average test score of 450.

■ Re-testing

In the event a candidate does not pass any one or more of the exams, there is a 30-day waiting period before he or she may retake those tests. Candidates may re-test up to three times in a calendar year.

■ GED test admission requirements

  • You must have previously completed the required orientation courses (TLC 099 and TLC 058). Upon completion of BOTH these classes, students will receive a GED Referral form with either a recommendation for further classes or for testing. Students must present this referral form to the front office when registering for the GED test.
  • You must have proper ID and be 18 years or older
  • You must have two forms of identification (see list below). At least one piece of identification must be from the list of acceptable forms of Primary Identification.
  • 16 and 17-year olds are admitted only with notarized parental consent AND an official notice of withdrawal from public school
Primary Identification
Secondary Identification
  • Current driver's license or state-issued ID card
  • Valid passport
  • Other forms of government ID (foreign domestic, tribal)
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • AZ DPS class one/class two fingerprint card
  • Current college student ID with photo
  • Credit card with photo
  • Bank card with photo

GED Test dates

NPC is in the process of getting approved as a testing site for the new computer-based GED test. Testing dates will be announced soon!

■ Testing Accommodations

  • This exam is available in English or Spanish
  • All GED Test Candidates have the right to demonstrate their ability in a way that provides them equal access. People with disabilities may be able to test using GED Testing Accommodations that ensure them equal access.

For questions regarding the GED orientation at NPC
  • Contact The Learning Cornerstone at your local NPC locations (800) 266-7845 ext. 6535.
For questions regarding the GED test at NPC
  • Contact GED Chief Examiner at (800) 266-7845 ext. 6142 or send an email.