Sustainability Class at NPC

 A Living Soil Unit 1-4

 Cost: $200 (save $24 by enrolling in all 4 units/classes)

 Instructor:  Kim Howell-Costion

 This is a specialized four-part class designed to help you learn techniques to deal with the soil and climate   challenges of growing a garden in a high desert region. You may also enroll in individual units.

AGR 099X    NCC   Credit: 0

  • Tuesdays, Feb 1- Apr 24 - Silver Creek Campus, Snowflake/Taylor   1:00pm-5:30pm          Section: 75766
  • Thursdays, Feb 3 - Apr 28 - White Mountain Campus, Show Low      5:00pm - 9:30pm        Section: 75862
A Living Soil Unit 1 

Cost: $56  

Instructor: Kim Howell-Costion

Create a lush garden in the high desert your first year. Topics include the importance of humus, soil structure, micro-macro fauna/flora, what harms/nurtures life in the soil, soil challenges, unique garden designs as well as French intensive, no-till, lasagna, and bio dynamic gardening methods.

AGR  099X       NCC   Credit: 0

  • Tuesdays, Feb 1-15 - Silver Creek Campus Snowflake/Taylor           1:00pm-5:30pm            Section: 75688
  • Thursdays, Feb 3 - 17 - White Mountain Campus, Show Low           5:00pm - 9:30pm         Section: 75863
A Living Soil Unit 2

Cost: $56 

Instructor: Kim Howell-Costion

Learn the techniques that nurture the life in the soil. Topics include diverse methods of making compost, using finished compost, benefits and uses of mulching for vegetables and landscaping, methods of raising earthworms, value and uses of worm castings.

AGR   099x    NCC Credit:  0.0

  • Tuesdays, Feb 22-Mar 8 - Silver Creek Campus, Snowflake/Taylor     1:00pm– 5:30pm         Section: 75689
  • Thursdays, Feb 24 - Mar 10 - White Mountain Campus, Show Low    5:00pm - 9:30pm         Section: 75864
A Living Soil Unit 3

 Cost: $56  

Instructor: Kim Howell-Costion

Topics of this course will include benefits and uses of cover crops including their planning/selection and management. It also covers the importance of crop rotation, evaluating needs and drawing up a rotation plan, companion planting as a tool to create micro climates and attractive and efficient landscaping.

AGR   099x   NCC Credit: 0.0

  • Tuesdays, Mar 15 - Apr 5 - Silver Creek Campus, Snowflake/Taylor    1:00pm – 5:30pm         Section: 75690
  • Thursdays, Mar 17 - Apr 7 - White Mountain Campus, Show Low       5:00pm - 9:30pm         Section: 75868
A Living Soil Unit 4

Cost: $56  

Instructor: Kim Howell–Costion

Feeding your garden naturally with soil amendments, homemade remedies/Inoculants, and beneficial insects in the garden. Learn the importance of a balanced soil system, macro-micro nutrients. It also covers rock minerals, seaweed derivatives, humates, natural soil amendments and fertilizers, liquid nutrients.

AGR   099x   NCC Credit:  0.0

  • Tuesdays, Apr 12 -26 - Silver Creek Campus, Snowflake/Taylor         1:00pm – 5:30pm          Section: 75691
  • Thursdays, Apr 14 - 28 - White Mountain Campus, Show Low           5:00pm - 9:30pm          Section: 75870
Master Gardener             

Cost: $150

Instructor: Jan Mathis

The class will provide training in the selection, growth and maintenance of garden and landscape plants.

AGR   099x   NCC  Credit: 0.0

  • Saturdays, Jan 29 - Apr 30* - White Mountain Campus, Show Low      8:00am-5:00pm           Section: 76005
    *Classes will be held Jan 29, Feb 12, Feb 26, Apr 9, Apr 30
How to Plan and Build Special Construction Garden Features

Cost: $30 (student must pay additional $20 to the instructor for the course notebook) 

Instructor: Thomas Stephens

Learn how to design, select construction materials and the best do-it-yourself construction methods and tips help you achieve a craftsman-like "hardscape" project. Focus is on the best environmentally sensitive, recycled, low maintenance and environmentally efficient construction materials.

AGR 099X   NCC  Credit: 0.0

  • Wednesday, February 9 - White Mountain Campus, Show Low            6:00pm - 10:00pm       Section: 75748
Designing with Plants in Your Landscape

Cost: $30 (student must pay addditional $20 to the instructor for the course notebook)

Instructor: Thomas Stephens 

Give your landscape design a professional look. Learn to select plants with the right texture, color, growth structure and growing requirements for your property and how to group them for a distinctive appearance. Xeriscaping fundamentals will also be taught.

AGR 099X   NCC Credit 0.0

  • Tuesday, February 8 - Silver Creek Campus, Snowflake/Taylor           6:00pm - 10:00pm      Section:75727
Home Landscape Design

Cost: $139 (student must pay additional $25 to the instructor for the couse notebook)

Instructor: Thomas Stephens

Whether you desire a deluxe outdoor living space or simply want to enhance the curb-appeal of your home, you can create your own "Dream Landscape" in Tom's Home Landscape Design short course. Since 1968, Tom Stephens, Landscape Architect has presented over 375 courses, workshops, and lectures on landscape architecture, landscape horticulture, home landscaping, Xeriscaping, plant selection and planting design. He has taught for the Arapahoe Community College-Community Education Program since January 1983.  He has also taught for Pima Community College and San Juan College in Farmington, NM.

AGR 099X  NCC Credit 0.0

  • Thursdays & Saturdays, Feb 3 - 12 - Silver Creek Campus, Snowflake/Taylor                          Section: 75726 
     Thursdays Feb 3 & Feb 10 6pm - 10pm    Saturdays Feb 5 & Feb 12  8:00am - Noon, 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Solar Greenhouse Design

Cost: $28

Instructor: Joseph Costion

Solar Greenhouse Design is a course that will lead you through the pre-design and design phases using applications of solar design and building techniques.  Greenhouse orientations, site evaluation, attached versus freestanding and building materials selection and use will be considered.

BOC 099X    NCC  Credit 0.0

  • Saturday, Feb 19 - Silver Creek Campus, Snowflake/Taylor                     9:00am - 6:00pm    Section: 75728