Outstanding Graduate - Associate of Science

Kevin Puckett


Show Low – White Mountain Campus

Kevin Puckett knew that being homeschooled and starting college with a GED was different. Noticing the differences between the two learning environments, Puckett was hesitant at first, but has worked through the obstacles of obtaining a degree and is now the 2014 outstanding graduate with an Associate of Science (AS) degree.

“The fact that college challenged me to go further and higher than before has given me a great sense of accomplishment.” Explained Puckett, “seeing how far I’ve come has been very enjoyable.” Puckett acknowledges the study workload and deadlines as factors that have stretched him to become a more organized and determined person.

Choosing to specialize in science and math at Northland Pioneer College, Puckett chose NPC to stay local and to help with the family business of surveying. Now entering the workforce as an apprentice surveyor, Puckett is determined to put his degree and knowledge to work. Puckett also had an opportunity to receive additional specialization as he obtained a certificate in Computer Information Systems.

While math and science courses played a critical role in his learning experience, Puckett was heavily influenced by a different area of study, English. Puckett explains that the lessons he learned in those classes will have life-long positive effects. “My English courses were different in that they helped train me to think critically,” Stated Puckett, “they helped me understand how to approach problems and help me to really do anything or learn anything. I find this to be a great benefit in my life.” In addition to thanking his family, Puckett thanks many of the professors and faculty at NPC that have helped him graduate with honors this year at NPC.

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Show Low – White Mountain Campus