Partners in the Learning Process

Theresa Artz-Howard


White Mountain Campus, Show Low

Northland Pioneer nursing faculty member Theresa Artz-Howard enjoyed special honors this summer when she presented a paper she'd written at the 11th Annual National/International Evidence-Based Practice Conference at Arizona State University June 10 & 11, 2011 in Phoenix. Her paper synthesizes evidence in the medical literature showing the positive outcomes of human patient simulation training in undergraduate nursing programs.

Artz-Howard has an extensive background in nursing. She earned her Diploma in Nursing through a hospital-based program at the Bronson Hospital School of Nursing in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1976. She worked at Bronson in pediatric intensive care a year before moving to Tempe, Arizona where she worked in the intensive care unit at Tempe Community Hospital, and then spent 13 years as an emergency room nurse at Phoenix Memorial. In 1992, Theresa and family moved to the White Mountains where she began working at Navapache Hospital (now Summit Health care). She began her career at NPC in 1994.

But after 24 years of practical experience, Artz-Howard is back in nursing school. For the past three years she has taken classes from the University of New Mexico School of Nursing in Albuquerque. She has already earned her Bachelor’s of Nursing (BSN) degree (in the top 10 percent of her graduating class) and is currently working on her Masters in Nursing Education which she should finish this summer.

Since coming to NPC, Artz-Howard’s role has been that of a nursing assistant program instructor. Her new educational qualifications will allow her a broader range of teaching options. “I love teaching,” she adds. “I feel I am a more of a facilitator than an instructor, a role where the student and I are partners in the learning process.”

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