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This On-line Catalog is an electronic version of Northland Pioneer College’s latest official catalog, the 1999–2001 Edition. Changes approved by the District Governing Board since its publication ARE NOT reflected in this on-line catalog.
Check with an Academic Advisor for program changes or additions. This on-line version provides information about
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Northland Pioneer College is sincerely interested in student success and encourages students to choose courses that are appropriate for their skill levels. Most students are required to take a placement exam to determine skill levels in writing, reading and math for course placement.

The following conditions define who must take a placement exam:

  1. A student enrolling for 7 or more 100-200 level credit hours including students enrolled concurrently in high school and college credit courses;

  2. A student enrolling for general education classes who has not previously taken a placement exam (see AA, AAS, ABus, AGS, and AS general education core requirements); or

  3. A student whose educational objective is a Degree, an Applied Science Certificate, or transfer to another educational institution.

A student may be exempt from taking the placement examination based on the following conditions:

  1. The student provides proof of completion of an accredited Associates Degree or a degree of higher learning, unless the degree included no college level math;

  2. The student provides ASSET or COMPASS scores from another institution;

  3. The transfer student provides official transcripts listing a grade of "C" or higher in College Composition I and a college level math course;

  4. The student provides an original ACT or SAT report or an official high school transcript documenting the following scores:


    Sub-test Score*
    (Writing Skills)
    18 or Higher
    Reading 18 or Higher
    Mathematics 18 or Higher

    *NPC course recommendations determined by test score.

    SAT composite score should be 1040 or higher.

  5. The student is registered with the Special Needs Coordinator. See the Coordinator or Academic Advisor for more information.

General guidelines for a student taking the placement examination are as follows:

  1. Writing skills, reading skills and one mathematics skills section will be required;

  2. Items 1-8 on the ASSET Educational Planning Form will be completed, or COMPASS demographic data will be entered; and

  3. One retest each semester will be allowed. Two weeks must separate the original and retest if the same test is administered. Both sets of scores will be submitted to the Records and Registration Office.

Placement scores will be used to assist students in choosing courses of the appropriate level. Students with ASSET scores below Writing - 35, Reading - 35, or Math - 34 may not enroll in General Education courses or courses for which these minimum skill levels have been established unless they co-enroll in a pertinent TLC course. Students with scores below the minimum levels are strongly encouraged to enroll in The Learning Cornerstone (TLC) courses to increase their skill levels for admission into college level courses. Programs and courses requiring specific skill levels are described in the Programs at a Glance and Course Description sections of the catalog.

A study guide for the placement test is available in the Academic Advising Office at each Campus/Center. This guide, which is provided free of charge, describes the purpose of the exam, summarizes test-taking strategies, and includes practice items. The schedule of placement exam days and times is posted at each Campus/Center, offering exams throughout each semester. Students are encouraged to complete testing prior to registration periods. During open and late registration, the placement exam will be administered on a predetermined schedule, based on Campus/Center needs. Times and room locations will be posted in the registration area and with the Campus/Center receptionist.


Northland Pioneer College offers GED testing on a regular basis to applicants who qualify.

The applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and have not received a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate. Individuals between sixteen (16) years and eighteen (18) years of age may be tested provided the applicant:

  1. Presents to the Examiner a notarized statement of consent to take the test, from a parent or legal guardian; and

  2. Presents verification, by letter, from the last elementary, secondary school the applicant attended, certifying that the applicant has officially withdrawn.

  3. Presents two forms of identification, one being a photo ID, to an official Arizona GED Examiner.

The applicant must pay the appropriate fee, as listed in the Tuition and Fee Schedule.

No individual younger than sixteen (16) years of age may make application for GED testing.

Individuals enrolled in a charter school or a person being home schooled are not eligible to be tested unless that person has officially withdrawn from that educational program. If home schooled, the parent must report to the County School. Superintendent's office that they are not longer home schooling and receive an Official Notice of Pupil Withdrawal (form: ADE 41-123) completed by the County School Superintendent's office.

The GED tests are administered throughout the school year at the White Mountain Campus (Show Low), Little Colorado Campus (Winslow), and Springerville/Eagar Center (Eagar).


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