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This On-line Catalog is an electronic version of Northland Pioneer College’s latest official catalog, the 1999–2001 Edition. Changes approved by the District Governing Board since its publication ARE NOT reflected in this on-line catalog.
Check with an Academic Advisor for program changes or additions. This on-line version provides information about
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A student with a grade of less than 'C' in any subject should not expect to continue advanced work in that field unless there is other evidence indicating possible success.

* Veteran benefit recipients are not eligible for a 'W' or 'WF' grade unless they officially withdraw from a class using a Course Change Form. This form must be signed by the instructor with the last day of attendance indicated. (This procedure complies with the guidelines recommended by the Federal Veterans' Administration.)


In certain classes it is possible to obtain a 'P' or Passing grade. Students should note that a 'P' grade is not the equivalent of any letter grade. A 'P' protects the grade point average (GPA) for those students desiring general education experiences outside their majors and should be avoided as a substitute for a letter grade in a major field of study. Students are cautioned that pass grades may not be accepted for transfer credit to other post-secondary institutions.

The maximum number of 'P' credits allowed toward an AGS or AAS degree from NPC is twelve (12), except for courses taken through the ACJ Academy. No 'P' credits are allowed on the AA, ABus or AS degrees.

The minimum requirements for a 'P' grade are those regularly required for a 'C' grade in any given class. The student contracting for a 'P' option will receive either a 'P' or 'F' grade.


An incomplete grade may be given for reasons deemed legitimate by the instructor but only when a student has met satisfactorily 85% or more of the course requirements. A student receiving an incomplete grade has the responsibility of initiating the procedure for removal of the incomplete grade.

The work to be accomplished in order for the incomplete to be removed will be submitted by an instructor on an "Incomplete Grade Information Sheet" to be forwarded to the Records and Registration Office. If an incomplete is not removed within one semester from the end of the semester in which it was awarded, it is automatically converted to an 'F' grade.


A grade of 'W' can be initiated by a student or an instructor. Withdrawal from classes during the first four (4) weeks of the semester (for semester length classes) will not be reflected on the student's transcript. The grade of 'W' will appear on the student's transcript for each class withdrawn from after the end of the 4th week of the semester. All non-semester-length classes (usually identified as short-term classes) will show a 'W' regardless of when the withdrawal occurs after the class begins.

The course instructor may initiate an administrative withdrawal for a student after the 45th day of the semester and up to the final day of the semester by submitting the appropriate form and assigning either a 'W' or 'WF' which will be reflected on the student's transcript at the end of the semester.


The instructor is responsible for assigning grades. Grades are based on academic performance, class participation, and attendance. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Faculty may lower a grade based on academic dishonesty or other forms of student misconduct. Academic dishonesty or other forms of student misconduct may also be referred to the Vice President for Student Services for further action. Grade changes can be made only by the instructor with approval of the Division Dean/Director and/or the Vice President for Instructional Services. Students who disagree with a grade may file a grievance as outlined in the Policy and Procedures Manual of Northland Pioneer College.


The student may repeat a course to raise a grade. The higher grade will be credited and counted in computing the student's grade point average (GPA). The lower grade will not be used, but will still appear on any transcript. SPECIAL NOTE: Students receiving financial aid cannot repeat courses for benefit purposes.


Credit courses at Northland Pioneer College may only be counted once toward fulfilling the credit requirements for any degree or certificate, except in the case of music performance, art studio or intercollegiate athletics courses which can be repeated up to four (4) times for graduation credit.

A student may repeat, without limit, any course offered by Northland Pioneer College to meet the mission and institutional goals adopted by the District Governing Board and published in the current catalog.


Final grades will be mailed to all students by the Records and Registration Office after each semester. Transcripts and grades will not be released until all financial obligations to the College have been met.


Any student who completes in a semester twelve (12) or more semester credits in courses numbered 100 or above, receives letter grades of A, B, C, or D (no P grades), and maintains a semester GPA of at least 3.50, will be placed on the NPC Academic Honors List.


The notation "Graduate with Distinction' or 'Graduate with High Distinction' will be placed on the transcript of students who have completed in residence at NPC at least 30 units which are used toward the degree (AA, AAS, ABus, AGS, or AS) and meet the grade criteria of 3.50 - 3.89 GPA for Distinction and 3.90 - 4.00 GPA for High Distinction. Students who receive additional degrees or emphasis areas will be required to complete, in residence, a minimum of sixteen (16) additional credits toward the subsequent degree or emphasis area in order to have this honor noted on the transcript. (GPA standards remain the same.)

Each year, three (3) students are especially honored at graduation. One is selected from the transfer degree programs (i.e. AA, ABus, and AS) and one each from the AGS, and AAS Programs. The Outstanding graduates are chosen based on the highest GPA from students who attended classes which are open to the general student population. In the case of a tie in their GPA's, the student with the most credits earned at NPC is awarded the recognition. Students who utilize any transfer credits from other colleges to meet the degree requirements at Northland Pioneer College are not eligible for this recognition.

Students who are receiving a Certificate of Applied Science must complete in residence at NPC at least sixteen (16) credits which apply to the certificate in order to have "Certificate with Distinction" or "Certificate with High Distinction" noted on the transcript. The GPA standards outlined above will be used for the Certificate of Applied Science.

Students who attend classes through the Department of Corrections program are honored separately at their own graduation ceremony.


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