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This On-line Catalog is an electronic version of Northland Pioneer College’s latest official catalog, the 1999–2001 Edition. Changes approved by the District Governing Board since its publication ARE NOT reflected in this on-line catalog.
Check with an Academic Advisor for program changes or additions. This on-line version provides information about
Northland Pioneer College, Student Services, Learning Services, Course Descriptions, and Faculty and Staff
and was current at the time of publication.
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The Northland Pioneer College central bookstore is located at the District Office in Holbrook. Temporary bookstores are opened at the White Mountain Campus, Silver Creek Campus, Little Colorado Campus, Painted Desert Campus, and in Heber, Keams Canyon, St. Johns, Springerville/Eagar, and Whiteriver during the first few weeks of each semester. The bookstores are opened Monday through Thursday. Hours vary at each center/campus.

A complete list of texts and prices are available at all campuses and centers during registration and throughout the year. Check with the site manager to obtain books throughout the year.


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Student Services at Northland Pioneer College
Residency Requirements
Educational Records
Student Conduct
Crime Awareness and Campus Security
Student Grievance Procedure
School Colors and Mascot
Registration Information
Graduation Requirements
Student Services
Career Services
Faculty Mentoring
Office for Special Needs
Student Activities and Government
Student Financial Aid
Student Organizations
Student Writing Centers
Veterans Services