NPC Visual Arts Scholarship

Final Deadline: 
February 7, 2015
Spring 2015 Scholarship Applicants
This is a NPC scholarship
Who is eligible to apply?: 
  • Must enroll in one 3 credit hour Studio Art class for each $750 scholarship you are receiving.  (Example:  If you receive $2000 for the year ($1000 per semester), you need to sign up for oneStudio Art class in both the fall and spring semesters; $4000 for the year ($2000 per semester) requires two classes per semester.) 
  • The maximum award for full-time students(12 credit hours or more per semester) is $4000 per year.
  • The maximum award for part-time students (less than 12 credit hours per semester) is $2000 per year.

  • This scholarship award has the possibility of renewal if the criteria listed below have been met during the semester the award has been granted. This includes maintaining passing grades for the art classes in which the student is enrolled, maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA, enrolling in the appropriate amount of art classes for the semester of award renewal and completing the appropriate amount of service hours to the art department.
  • Must be enrolled in an approved one or two 3-credit hour studio art course(s) based on scholarship awarded.
  • Must be degree seeking at NPC.
  • Must maintain a 2.0 GPA.
  • Develop and complete a degree plan.
  • Must complete required scholarhip service hours (10 hours per semester for $2000 per semester and 5 hours per semester for scholarships under $2000 per semester).  Scholarship service hours involve supporting the program by:
  1. Setting up for Talon Gallery events on the White Mountain Campus.
  2. Assisting in hanging exhibitions at the Talon Gallery on the White Mountain Campus.
  3. Assisting in ceramics or drawing/painting classrooms(campus determined by instructor).
  • In good academic standing, not over the credit limit, not in default of a student loan and not in overpayment status.
  • Students who have previously obtained a Bachelor's degree or currently in high school are not eligible to apply.
How do I apply?: 
  • Submit NPC Visual Arts Scholarship Application. Click here to download application.
  • Submit three examples of your artistic work as digital images on a CD.  The images should be in jpeg form and sized at 300dpi at 4" x 6" (no larger than 1500 pixels in the longest direction).  Label each image with your first initial, last name and image number (example:  jsmith1.jpg).  Label the CD with your name.
  • Submit a Letter of Interest outlining, in 1,000 words or less your educational, personal or career goals and how the scholarship will help you acheive them.
  • A degree plan showing the degree or certificate sought at NPC.
  • Unofficial college transcripts (High School Diploma or transcript if in your first semester at NPC).


Where to submit?: 

All Application Materials must be mailed to:

Dr. Michael Solomonson, Chair
Department of Fine and Performing Arts
Silver Creek Campus
1611 S Main Street
Snowflake, AZ  85937