Presidential Search

For Northland Pioneer College's 8th President

Download Presidential Search Profile (PDF)

Search Timeline

Phase 1 – Needs Assessment & Marketing

August 24-25, 2017 Search team conducts the pre-search study on campus; develops draft of the Executive Search Profile, advertisement, and advertising strategy
August 30, 2017 Search team provides draft of profile to search committee for review
September 18, 2017 Search committee provides draft of profile to District Governing Board for final approval
October 4, 2017 Search committee provides edited and final profile, advertisement, and timeline to search team
October 16, 2017 Advertisements placed online; profile is posted to and to; search team executes recruitment strategy, including nominations and diversity outreach

Phase 2 – Recruitment Strategy & Candidate Management

October 16 –
November 22, 2017
Search team recruits qualified candidates; uploads candidate files to Client Resource Center (CRC)
November 15, 2017 Search committee receives access to CRC; reviews candidate materials
November 22, 2017 Due date for completed applications

Phase 3 – Selection & Evaluation

November, 2017 –
December 3, 2017
Search team identifies top candidates and performs preliminary due diligence; candidate files are updated on CRC
December 7, 2017
Search team presents candidate pool to search committee, which selects semi-finalists
January 10 & 11, 2018 Search committee conducts semi-finalist interviews ands selects finalists

Phase 4 – Due Diligence & Campus Interviews

January 12-26, 2018 Search team conducts intensive due diligence; finalist files, including due diligence, are updated on CRC for review by members of the District Governing Board
Week of January 29, 2018 Finalists interview on campus with Governing Board and meet with focus groups comprised of individuals from the College community

Phase 5 – Appointment & Closure

February, 2018 District Governing Board selects new President

For more information, contact: Jason Foutz, Chief Operations Officer, (928) 524-7440 or email