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Zombie Girl

This is a mannequin that one of my classmates facepainted for a Halloween makeup contest. It was painted on the 31st of October at the St. John's cosmetology building. 


The back of the SCC Performing Art Center is quite the view!


Silver Creeks Performing Art center is a gorgeous building.


NPC's currently enrolled student, AlyssaMarie Alvarez, sits in the grass at SCC to pose for the camera.

Fun in the Sun

NPC doesn't attract only adults. This six month old baby, Aiden Allan, plays in the grass at SCC. 


AlyssaMarie Alvarez is showing off NPC's sign at SCC. 


Northland Pioneer College SCC


Silver Creeks Performing Arts buiding is very attractive to most students.


A current NPC student, AlyssaMarie Alvarez takes a picture with the statue on November 14, 2013. At SCC

The Eagle

This black and white picture was taken at the SCC location.