Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is a document mapping the ways, means, and timelines by which an organization can achieve specific goals and objectives. The Northland Pioneer College Strategic Plan is a result of input from community outreach meetings, needs assessment meetings, and many all-college activities devoted to planning for the future. Yet the process does not end here; the college will continue calling on all of its stakeholders for feedback for the next plan revision, beginning in May of each year.

The College will evaluate and report on the plan annually. These evaluations will review the previous year's success, update it based on those evaluations, and extend the plan an additional year.

As the College goes through this continuous improvement process with the Strategic Plan, feedback from all of our stakeholders is vital; we want to hear from both our internal and external communities and individuals. The NPC Strategic Plan is designed to assist the college in meeting the needs of the communities we serve. Feel free to help us improve.

Comments or inquiries about this Strategic Plan should be addressed to Lisa Jayne, Assistant to the President, (928) 524-7418, by email or by using the Comment Form .

Current Plan: 2014-2016 Annual Reports
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