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NPC's Policy Manual

Policy 1805 Instructional Program

The college is a comprehensive community college. It will offer educational programs for career preparation, transfer to four-year colleges and universities, developmental studies, and a range of extended services to meet the life-long learning needs of its citizens. It is the policy of the college's instructional programs to strive to adhere to the Guiding Principles as established by the Board and those of any accreditation bodies with which it is formally associated. (Reviewed only 2/20/18)

Policy 1810 Academic Freedom

Northland Pioneer College recognizes that its faculty members are entitled to:

  1. Freedom in the classroom to discuss and teach their subject(s) in accordance with College-approved curriculum and the Policies and Procedures of the College using relevant materials and/or examples of their particular discipline which may include materials or examples considered controversial by others (students, other faculty, or community members) without being threatened by institutional censorship or discipline.
  2. Freedom in research and in the publication of its results, being individually responsible and accountable for its rigor and accuracy.
  3. Freedom to speak as private citizens outside instructional settings while making every effort to indicate that their utterances are personal opinion and do not represent Northland Pioneer College.

The College further recognizes that, in the case of faculty, it must provide an environment where the rights of academic freedom described in this Policy are ensured.

Faculty members recognize that free expression is essential to the mission of higher education, and that with freedom comes responsibility. The faculty encourages civil discourse, reasoned thought, sustained discussion and constructive engagement free from behaviors which degrade, abuse, harass, or deny others the opportunity to be heard. (Reviewed only 2/20/18)