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1300 Facilities, Acquisition of
1305 Facilities, Lease of
1310 Facilities, Use of
1315 Outside Use of Facilities
1316 Building Leases
1330 Tobacco-Free Environment
1340 Solicitation at College Facilities
1345 Possession of Deadly Weapons
1350 Campus Security and Crime Reporting

Policy 1300 Acquisition of Facilities

The President is authorized to develop procedures for recommendation of facilities acquisition to the Board. (Reviewed 01/16/18)

Policy 1305 Lease of Facilities

In addition to the existing facilities, the college will lease or jointly use facilities from other agencies and businesses when necessary and feasible. The President, or designee, will negotiate lease amounts on an individual basis. (Reviewed 01/16/18)

Policy 1310 Use of Facilities

The President, or designee, is authorized to permit the use of college facilities according to adopted procedures. (Reviewed 01/16/18)

Policy 1315 Outside Use of Facilities

Each institution, organization, group, or individual desiring to rent or use facilities of the college will provide a Certificate of Insurance with minimum liability limits of one million dollars. This Certificate of Insurance will be provided to the college before the use of the facilities desired. (Revised 1/16/18)

Policy 1316 Building Leases

The Board will approve all sales and annual leases of college-owned buildings. The Board will also approve all annual leases that commit the college to twelve thousand dollars or more. (Reviewed 01/16/18)

Policy 1330 Tobacco Free Environment

The District prohibits use of tobacco and e-cigarette products in all college owned or leased facilities and all college vehicles. This policy applies to all employees, students, and visitors while utilizing college buildings, facilities and vehicles. (Revised 1/16/18)

Policy 1340 Solicitation at College Facilities

The President, or designee, is responsible for the establishment of procedures for authorizing soliciting, advertising, and posting notices at all college facilities. (Reviewed 01/16/18)

Policy 1345 Possession of Deadly Weapons

The college prohibits all deadly weapons such as firearms, knives (other than pocket), ammunition, explosives or other such deadly weapons, on college grounds or in facilities that are owned or leased by the college. The only exception would be those items carried by AZPOST Certified law enforcement officers, Federal Officers, or used in college sanctioned training programs. The Associate Vice President – Chief Operations Officer is responsible for enforcement of this policy. Any college employee is authorized to request compliance with this policy and/or contact the appropriate law enforcement agency to evict such individual who does not voluntarily follow compliance with this policy. The President, or designee, shall be responsible for the adoption and implementation of procedures regarding the possession of deadly weapons. (Revised 1/16/18)

Policy 1350 Campus Security and Crime Reporting

Under the provisions of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, 20 USC §1092, the President or designee shall establish a plan for crime awareness and campus security. This shall include an annual security report available to the public.( (Reviewed 01/16/18)