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1200 Delegation of Authority
1210 President's Job Description
1215 Changes in Administrative Organization
1220 Conflict of Interest, General
1221 Third Party Representation
1225 Use of and Conduct on Properties
1235 Records Retention
1240 Fund Raising
1245 Annual Report
1280 Official Function
1285 Speakers at Campuses or Centers
1290 Interim Suspension
1296 Public Information Program
1297 Grant Procurement

Policy 1200 Delegation of Authority

In order to assure that the college has an administrator in charge at all times, the Board authorizes the President to designate an administrator in charge in the President's absence. (Rev 3/10/98)

Policy 1210 President's Job Description

The President shares responsibility for the total organization and administration of the college, with the Board, and has been delegated authority for administering the laws and policies governing the college. The Board authorizes the President to form such committees as the President deems necessary to assist in the operation of the college.

  1. The President has the responsibility to make the necessary recommendations or implement adopted policies required to create and maintain effective and efficient college programs and activities.
  2. The President has the responsibility and the authority to make all the necessary decisions for the development and implementation of procedures required to create and maintain effective and efficient college programs and activities.
  3. The President is responsible to approve all personnel for employment, according to Board guidelines. The President shall direct, organize, reorganize, transfer, assign, reassign, continue or dismiss all personnel in a manner which in the judgment of the President best serves the college, according to Board guidelines, and in accordance with the law.

The Board chair and the President shall determine by September 1st the President's office goals and strategies for the year. (Rev 10/12/99)

Policy 1215 Changes in Administrative Organization

The President shall inform the Board of significant changes in the administrative organization of the college. (Rev 3/10/98)

Policy 1220 Conflict of Interest

The President, or designee, shall establish a procedure for compliance with A.R.S. 38-503 requiring all public officers and employees to report conflict of interest in any contract, sale, purchase, or service to the college. (Rev 3/10/98)

Policy 1221 Third Party Representation

Employees of the college will not represent any third party (private or governmental) in any dealings with the college.

Employees who have a financial interest as an investor, employee, or owner in any company or governmental unit that does business with the college will immediately advise the vice President for administrative services of such interest. (Employees with financial interest will include immediate family members who are an investor, employee, or owner.)

Employees who have such interest will not participate in any transaction with the third party on the part of the college. (New 4/19/94)

Policy 1225 Use of and Conduct on Properties

The President is authorized to develop procedures governing the use of and conduct upon the properties of the college pursuant to ARS §13-2911.(Rev 3/10/98)

Policy 1235 Records Retention

The President is authorized to establish procedures for the reproduction and/or destruction of all college records in compliance with Federal and State statutes and the Records Retention and Disposition for Arizona Community Colleges and Districts as developed by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records – Records Management Division. (Rev 9/21/04)

Policy 1240 Fund Raising

Any fund raising on behalf of the college (annual ongoing programs, special one-time events, capital campaigns, etc.) must be approved by the President. (Rev 4/21/92)

Policy 1245 Annual Report

The President shall submit to the Board and the Arizona Community College Association a "President's Annual Report" in accordance with provisions of A.R.S. §15-1445. (Rev 9/21/04)

Policy 1280 Official Function

In accordance with the Arizona Attorney General's Opinion I85-051, the college defines an official function as an activity authorized by the college administration supporting and furthering the mission, goals, and objectives of the college.

The following funds may be used for official function expenditures provided funds have been appropriated and budgets have been established and approved for the purpose:

  1. Current Unrestricted Fund
  2. Current Auxiliary Fund
  3. Current Restricted Fund [function must be within the specific grant guidelines]

The following goods and services are among those deemed to have a valid public purpose and are examples of purchases for official functions:

  1. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner for meetings where it is more convenient to continue with the work at hand rather than break to eat, and for college-sponsored workshops, receptions, and meetings.
  2. Refreshment for breaks for college-sponsored workshops, receptions and meetings.
  3. Meeting rooms for the function.
  4. Table decorations as necessary.

Prior approval for use of funds for official functions must be obtained from the college President or designee. (New 10/12/93)

Policy 1285 Speakers at Campuses or Centers

The Board authorizes the President, or designee, to approve who may be invited to speak on college-owned or controlled properties. Clearances for all speakers must be made prior to the issuance of the invitation to the speakers. (Rev 4/21/92)

Policy 1290 Interim Suspension

The Board authorizes the President, or designee, to suspend (interim suspension) members of the faculty, staff and students from the college when the conditions of behavior or circumstances that led to suspension include but are not limited to the following: when the continued presence of the subject person(s) on campus poses a threat to the safety of students, other persons or their property, or threatens to disrupt college functions or activities. (Rev 4/21/92)

Policy 1296 Public Information Program

The President, or designee, shall authorize the release of all public information pertaining to the college. (Rev 3/10/98)

Policy 1297 Grant Procurement

The President, or designee, shall develop a procedure for making application for Federal, State, and local grants. The Board shall accept the funds. (Rev 3/10/98)