3-D art

Three-dimensional art courses focus on developing aesthetic and technical skills in functional ceramics and ceramic sculpture. Students will learn to work with clay on the potter’s wheel and with basic hand-building techniques. These classes are found under the heading ART in the Class Schedule. Occasional special topics courses are offered under the prefix ART 199. (Kiln-fired glass classes are periodically taught in the 3-D art areas and are offered under the prefix ART 199)

All 3-D art courses are taught in a studio (LAB) environment and are only offered on the Show Low Campus (WMC):

ART 190 • Ceramics I
ART 245 • Ceramics II
ART 246 • Ceramics III
ART 247 • Ceramics IV

ART 280 • Art Studio 3-D
ART 289 • Figurative Ceramics

Please see the college catalog for detailed course descriptions.

The ceramics facilities are located in the Aspen Center on the White Mountain Campus in Show Low. The classroom is organized to accommodate both hand-building and throwing on the wheel and offers a variety of tools and storage areas for student use. The glaze laboratory is stocked with many different ceramic surface options, and several different clay bodies are available in the clay storage room. The facilities also include a large kiln yard that provides options for oxidation, reduction and raku firings.

The classroom features:

• 10 electric pottery wheels
• 5 hand-building tables
• 2 slab rollers
• 10 sculpture stands
• a pug mill
• a fully stocked glaze laboratory
• a fully stocked clay storage room

The kiln yard features:

• 3 electric 27” ceramic kilns
• 1 electric 18” glass kiln
• 1 gas 56 cubic foot ceramic kiln
• a separate raku yard with three gas 25” raku kilns