TLC Instructors and Staff

Developmental Services Staff

Title Name Phone
(Phone numbers may also be dialed toll free by calling 1.800.266.7845 and using the last four digits of the regular number as the extension, except where noted.)
Director of Developmental Services
Rickey Jackson
Secretary Tomie Zamora 928.289.6536
Full Time Faculty, Little Colorado Campus, Winslow Cindy Blodgett
Full Time Faculty, Painted Desert Campus, Holbrook Shannon Newman 928.524.7330
Full Time Faculty, Silver Creek Campus, Snowflake Janice Cortina 928.536.6230
Full Time Faculty, White Mountain Campus, Show Low Joan Valichnac 928.532.6130
Special Sites Coordinator, Navajo Nation Pat Natseway  
Full Time Faculty, Special Sites Coordinator, Whiteriver Dawn Johnson 928.338.5185 (or 1.800.266.7845 ext. 2126)
Data Specialist/Head Learning Assistant Tabitha Stickel



Adjunct Faculty

Name Location
Kathy Bentley Show Low/Distance Learning Instructor
Jefferson Clauschee Kayenta
Angela Colosi Ganado
Ruth Creek Holbrook
Pat Egan Winslow
Laurel Endfield Whiteriver
James Hymans Kayenta
Cara Joe-Dukepoo Hopi
Sandra Leach Winslow
Kem MacNeille Whiteriver
Debra Mayher Ft. Defiance
Mike McClellan Holbrook
Pat Natseway Pinon/Chinle
Dawn Palen Winslow
Marianne Richardson Winslow
Rob Richardson Greasewood/Winslow
Desarae Rogers St. Johns
Tabitha Stickel Holbrook
June Tackett Ft. Defiance
Marianne Richardson Winslow
Desarae Rogers St. Johns
June D. Tackett Ft. Defiance
Karl Turley Springerville/Eagar
Nicole Warner Whiteriver
Julie Wiessner Holbrook


Learning Assistants

Name Location Number
Janalda Nash Hopi Center 928.738.2265
Calandra Walker Kayenta Center 928.697.8333
Rob Richardson LCC/Winslow Campus 928.289.4518
Ruth Creek PDC/Holbrook Campus 928.524.7344
Natalie Hendricks SCC/Snowflake Campus 928.536.3518
Yvonne Tomlinson SPE Center 928.333.2420
Nichole Hendricks WMC/Show Low Campus 928.532.3018
Randy Rice Whiteriver Center 928.338.2126