Fax Services

NPC libraries will offer a fax service to college and community members.
To send a fax:
  • Fill out a Fax Transmittal form - libraries have one if you need it.
  • Include the name of the person and office/agency/ company/institution and the complete fax number.
  • Submit the Transmittal Form with the documents to library staff.
  • Fee must be paid before fax is sent - cash only.
  • Transmittal sheet and documents will be faxed within one hour.
  • A call placed to a busy signal will be resubmitted a maximum of three times at no extra charge. If the fax will not go through, the fax fee will be returned.
  • Original document and fax transmittal sheet should be picked up at the library front desk as soon as documents have been sent. Documents not picked up after two working days will be shredded.
To receive a fax:
  • Call the library to get the fax number of the library.
  • Inform the sender that a Transmittal Form must accompany the documents, and must include:& the name of the person to receive the documents, your phone number and your email address so you can be contacted when documents arrive.
  • When documents are received, you will be notified via email or phone when fax has been received. You can call the library where the fax is being sent if you want to check on delivery.
  • Documents not picked up within seven business days will be shredded.
  • Person must present a photo ID and fee before collecting the documents.
Fax fees for either sending or receiving:

$2.00 for first page and $1.00 for each additional page. No charge for transmittal form. No international calls.

Northland Pioneer College policies prohibit the viewing and/or distribution of obscenity, illegal activities, spam and malicious actions such as sending threatening or harassing materials.

No guarantee is made as to the quality of the fax sent or received. Generally - pencil, colored paper and colored ink do not transmit well.

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