Test Monitoring - Faculty

Eligibility for monitoring within NPC libraries:

Audio, video, Internet and model classroom courses offered in two or more locations.

Individual needing a make-up test from a face-to-face class.

Math lab classes including those students not finished taking test in the classroom.

Delivery of tests:

By courier:

Place tests in an NPC test envelope [dated 3/31/2006]. These are available in NPC libraries. Be sure form is filled out completely - including a specific "Date test must be taken" mmddyy. Place the test envelope within a brown courier envelope and address to the correct NPC library. (such as NPC @ SCC library and date sent) Allow 5 days delivery.

By email:

Copy must be in PDF format. Copy must be sent to Library Instructional e-mail account.

DO NOT email or scan to email to a specific staff member NOR to library regular email account.
Scan to Library Instructional email account — restricted access to full-time and temp employees only.
Ask a library staff member for the name of the accounts. It is only used for tests and returning student work.

Scanning using a MFP will send the document as a PDF.

Document must include this Test instruction form.
Form must be completely filled out - including last date test can be taken, # of students at that library.

If you are creating the PDF using Adobe software, you will save library staff a lot of time by continually adding the file with the actual test into one PDF file. Instructions are only needed once. If library staff find they are spending too much time printing your tests, this service will be reviewed.
You will receive an email stating document was received.
Tests will be printed for each student, placed in sealed Test Envelope and your instructions attached.
Tests will be returned via courier unless you specify that you want them scanned to your email. No fax.

Scantron forms can only be sent via courier.

Send test at least one week prior to time the students may take it.
Please acknowledge receipt of the email that is returned to your email.
All library files for tests received from you or completed tests/assignments sent to you will be deleted after seven days.

Test signature log and mail log (receipt and return of tests) are kept at each library for one year if the instructor has a question about a student taking the test.

Libraries will not maintain a test bank or archive. Tests are kept for specific students taking a specific class.

Proctoring of tests:

Testing will be on first-come, first-serve basis.

Testing will be done in a designated area.

Students must present NPC ID and provide their own writing utensils. Please explain to your students and refer them to Proctored Testing on library homepage.

Students must sign the test signature log.

Only items allowed by instructor will be taken to the testing area. Electronic devices are prohibited, exception for stand-alone calculators.  Storage shelf provided but preferable that students use their vehicles. This includes outer wear. 

Staff will read students the directions on the test envelope. Be sure your directions are specific. Instructions from students are ignored. If you want to change the directions, you are responsible for notifying the testing location. If students disregard instructions, a note will be placed on the test for the instructor.

Students must complete the test in one sitting unless otherwise indicated on instructions.

If there are 6 or more students at one site who must take the test at the same time, call the library one week in advance so arrangements can be made. You may need to contact your Dean to hire a special proctor.

Tests placed in the audio or video rooms are not proctored by library staff. Follow the AV Classroom directions please.

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