Region 4 SkillsUSA results

February 27, 2018 by Anonymous

Regional qualifying rounds for SkillsUSA are now completed and students from Northland Pioneer College and the Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology (NAVIT) are gearing up for the statewide competition in Phoenix, April 3 through 4.

Photos from the various competitions can be viewed/downloaded from our online photo gallery. You do not have to log-in or have an account to view or download images.

NPC Cosmetology student Delanie Stock took first place, with Janet Lann finishing second and Latanya Jake third in the January 29 Cosmetology event in Show Low. St. Johns NAVIT student Lydia Waite finished first in the secondary division. She also received an NPC scholarship. Snowflake NAVIT students Skyler McCabe-Hughes and Shelby Mitchell, finished second and third, respectively.

The NPC/NAVIT Automotive Technology facility was the site for regionals on February 2. In the post-secondary competition, NPC students Matt Meade finished first, with Karsten Kemp second and Alex Haussman third. Page High School’s Adrien Snell took first-place honors; and Snowflake NAVIT students Chase Williams and David Krouse finished second and third, respectively.

Snowflake NAVIT student Skyler Jayne had a perfect score in the firefighting competition at NPC’s Northeastern Arizona Training Center (NATC) in Taylor on February 2. Valley Academy for Career and Technology Education (VACTE) student Brian Burke finished second. Snowflake NAVIT student Joshua Fisher finished third.

NPC’s Skills Center on the Holbrook campus was the site for Carpentry, Masonry, Electrical, Welding, Job Interview, and Demonstrations competitions, also on February 2.

Jalen Brady finished first; Joseph Foley, second; and Ian Alexander, third, in the post-secondary Carpentry event. Snowflake High School’s Dallen Bowler took first and Taggart Griner took third in the secondary division. Holbrook NAVIT student James Wilkinson finished second.

In secondary Masonry competition, Ganado High School’s Muariah Kee took first place. The silver medal went to VACTE’s Casner Dudley. Natasha Attakai from Holbrook High School finished third. NPC student Daryl Begay took top honors.

Snowflake High School swept in the Electrical competition, with Brett Perkins, first; Shane Ciminski, second; and William Dokey, third. NPC student Brandon McCarthy took first-place honors, with Kenneth Nichols, second.

NAVIT Holbrook’s Casey Esparza and Chris Susag finished one-two in the secondary individual welding competition. Chandler Reigh from Flagstaff High School finished third. Kristen Sanderson and Craig Dewitt were one-two respectively in the post-secondary division.

The NAVIT Holbrook team of Emily Arthur, Jeron Chatter and Tyler Long finished first in the welding fabrication competition. Second place went to the team from Mingus High School, Bryce Epperson, Braden Munday and Jared Smyda. Holbrook High School’s team of Devin Etsitty, Ryan Martin and Destiny Salazar finished third.

In the Job Interview event, Lovina Anderson received the gold; Heidi Everett the silver; and Latanya Jake the bronze in the post-secondary division. NAVIT St. Johns swept the secondary division, with Kianna Bella, first; Lydia Waite, second; and Tailey Hinton, third.

In Job Skills Demo, Veronica Gonzales, with NAVIT St. Johns, took first. Shelby Mitchell, NAVIT Snowflake, finished second. Third place went to VACTE’s Caleb Maldonado. In the post-secondary competition, Janet Lann took first. Second place went to Katelyn Brandt. Delanie Stock finished third.

In Open Job Skill Demo, Kylie Peck finished first. Victoria Graham took the silver and Shyanne Plumb the bronze in the post-secondary division. NAVIT Snowflake swept the secondary division with Joselyn Montes receiving the gold; Sadie Kress the silver; and Natalie Webb the bronze.

In the photography competition, Page High School’s Ron Carter took first place with Trevor Yazzie finishing second. Ganado High School’s Cameron Teller finished third.

Gold medalists at the state event qualify for the annual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC), a showcase of career and technical education students, in Louisville, Kentucky, June 25-29, 2018.

SkillsUSA is an applied method of instruction for preparing America’s high performance workers enrolled in public career and technical programs. It provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. It builds and reinforces self-confidence, work attitudes and communications skills. SkillsUSA is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and is cited as a “successful model of employer-driven youth development training program” by the U.S. Department of Labor and is an OSHA Alliance partner.

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