Scholarships to 10 Nursing Students

June 26, 2017 by Anonymous

Ten first- and second-year students in the Northland Pioneer College Associate Degree in Nursing program received $1,000 each to assist them with tuition, books and other expenses related to their educational goals for the 2017-2018 academic year.

This scholarship program, now in its third year, was made possible through the generous backing of Summit Healthcare and Frontier Communications. “We at NPC Friends and Family have been so fortunate for the unstinting support of Frontier Communications and their sponsorship, not only of this scholarship but of many of our events since 2014,” notes executive director Betsyann Wilson.

“As for Summit Healthcare and their foundation, we simply could not accomplish all we do without them. They are behind our most successful fund raisers, and they are true partners in the NPC nursing program, not only through this scholarship, but by providing our NPC students with opportunities to complete their compulsory clinical rotations in a first-rate hospital setting,” continued Wilson.

Twenty-one applications were submitted for the 10 scholarships. Wilson applauded the diligence of the members of the scholarship committee, who volunteered their time to analyze and score the 15 that met the qualifications for review. The application process was rigorous, and included an essay that required respondents to describe their commitment to and qualifications for careers in the health care field, as well as their feelings about the role a hospital plays within a community. Each applicant was also required to obtain two letters of reference.

Scores were based on academic achievement and need, but also on how thoroughly each applicant replied to the essay topics, and whether the provided references validated the applicant's responses. Wilson also praised the applicants. “One of our reviewers told me this was among the most difficult scholarship reviews she had ever been through, because all of the candidates were so incredibly close,” she noted, adding, “It was interesting that while the 10 awardees were not all ranked in the same order by the committee, all the awardees received scores that placed them in the top 10. I am glad I did not have to choose!”

The 2017–18 recipients of the Summit Healthcare–Frontier Communications Nursing Scholarship are: Jessica Despain, Jessica Flake, Rinda Hancock, Amanda Hatch, Jessica Lunt, Danielle Nezgoda, Bradley Orlowski, Alexa Palmer, Jessica Reese, and Nicole Smith.

To find out more about how you can help provide scholarships for NPC students, contact Betsyann Wilson at (928) 536-6245, email, or visit the NPC Friends and Family website,

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