Adult Education - The Learning Cornerstone (TLC)

About This Program

TLC provides NPC students with a variety of support services for academic success. Courses are generally offered in a self-paced, independent study format and often include computer-assisted instruction. Students attend one or more instructor-supervised labs weekly for each course. They are encouraged to attend the lab as frequently as possible for maximum progress.

Many classes in The Learning Cornerstone are open entry. Students may begin classes in the TLC at almost any time during the semester. However, students must complete each course by the end of the current term. Satisfactory placement is required for all TLC courses; check with an academic adviser or the TLC staff about placement.

All TLC courses are aligned to the Arizona Adult Education Standards.

Areas of Study

  • NEW READERS PROGRAM – Provides individualized one-on-one instruction for adult new readers. College tutors, under the supervision of The Learning Cornerstone faculty, assist students.
  • BASIC EDUCATION – Provides basic reading, writing and mathematics instruction for students with limited educational backgrounds.
  • DEVELOPMENTAL LITERACY – Provides continuing literacy and mathematics instruction for students who have completed Basic Education and review and practice for students who wish to enter the GED Preparation program.
  • SKILLS ENRICHMENT – Courses review and develop skills prerequisite to college coursework. They provide a refresher for mature students re-entering the educational system and additional practice for recent high school and/or GED graduates who wish to strengthen their academic skills.
  • COLLEGE SUCCESS – Students develop skills to succeed with college and university learning. Contents include pre-algebra, pre-college writing, pre-college reading, critical reading, vocabulary development and study skills. Reading and study skills courses are especially recommended for students beginning long-term degree programs.
  • GED PREPARATION – Provides courses focused on preparing for the GED and a pre-testing orientation, including the Official GED Practice Tests. TLC staff members analyze practice test results and make recommendations for study and/or testing strategy.

Support services

  • STUDENT WRITING CENTERS – Provide students with facilities, equipment and technical assistance for completing college writing assignments and resumes. Access will be granted to NPC students who complete the required lab orientation.
  • LEARNING ASSISTANTS – Learning Assistants provide college placement testing and TLC placement. They provide tutoring and learning assistance for TLC students. TLC courses are aligned to the Arizona Adult Education Standards.
  • CONTACT THE TLC STAFF – We have staff ready to help you at almost every NPC campus and center!

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