Residential Child-Youth Care

Why Choose NPC's Residential Child-Youth Care?

Know how to manage time effectively?

Have patience and understanding and good communication skills?

Couple these with working with children and young adults in residential group care facilities, such as boarding schools, dormitories, group homes or even private residences and you might find a rewarding career as a Residential Child/Youth Care Assistant, providing assistance in everyday living and guidance in completing tasks.

About Our Program

NPC's Residential Child/Youth Assistant program combines courses from several disciplines into a Certificate of Proficiency (CP), Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.

Degree/Certificate Options

Child/Youth Care Certificate of Proficiency (CP) • 19 credits

ECD 100 Providing a Healthy Environment • 1 credit
ECD 102 Ensuring a Safe Environment • 1 credit
ECD 108 Techniques for Observing Children • 1 credit
ECD 110 Building Relationships with Parents Through Communication • 1 credit
ECD 143 Inclusion of Children with Special Needs • 2 credits
ECD 152 Learning Environment for School Agers • 1 credit
ECD 153 Guidance Principles for School Agers • 1 credit
ECD 175 Professionalism • 1 credit
EDU 137 Principles of Child Guidance • 1 credit
EDU 138 Managing Children's Behavior • 1 credit
HUS 251 Developing a Culture of Care • 2 credits
HUS 252 Building Relationships • 2 credits
HUS 253 Teaching Discipline • 2 credits
HUS 256 Understanding Child Development • 2 credits

Residential Child/Youth Care Assistant
  Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) • 36 credits

Complete the Child/Youth Certificate of Proficiency (CP)19 credits
Any CIS course • 3 credits
ECD 250 Child Development I • 3 credits
ECD 251 Child Development II • 3 credits
Electives • 3 credits
An additional three unduplicated credits (100 level or higher) must be selected from ECD/EDU/EMT/HDE/HUS/CIS/HPE/ANT/LAN courses. Up to three credits of 199 workshops may be used.
ENL 101 College Composition I • 3 credits
And one of the following MAT courses:
MAT 103 Business Mathematics • 3 credits
MAT 105 Mathematics for General Education • 3 credit

Residential Child/Youth Care Assistant
  Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree • 64 credits

Complete the Residential Child/Youth Care Certificate of Applied Science (CAS)36 credits
Select one unduplicated CIS course • 3 credits
These Additional Core Requirements • 5 credits
ECD 221 Stress Management for Educators • 2 credits
ECD or EDU Internship • 1 credit
HUS 180 Cross-Cultural Helping Skills • 2 credits
Additional Required Electives • 10 credits
An additional 10 unduplicated credits must be selected from any 100-level or above courses. Up to six credits of 199 workshops may be included in the AAS degree total of 13 elective credits (3 from CAS + 10 AAS).
PLUS these General Education courses:
Communications • 3 credits
Select one of the following:
ENL 102 College Composition II • 3 credits
ENL 109 Technical Writing • 3 credits
SPT 120 Public Speaking • 3 credits
Discipline Studies (per General Education Requirements List) • 7 credits

Career Opportunities

Employment of residential child/youth assistants is projected to grow below the average for all occupations. Employment growth tends to be in residential units for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health or substance abuse facilities.

The median annual salary for residential child/youth assistants ranged from $19,940 to $31,300 in May 2012, with higher ranges being in specialized disability or substance abuse facilities. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition.)

Online Course Options

ENL 101 College Composition I
(required for the CAS)

ENL 102 College Composition II
(required for the AAS)

Contact Us

Dr. Eric Henderson

Tawa Center
Holbrook – Painted Desert Campus

(800) 266-7845, ext. 7350

Completion/Cost Data

59 Students Enrolled
& Fees
CP: Residential Child/Youth Care Assistant $1,380 1
CP: Substance Abuse Counseling $935 1
CAS $2,534 1
AAS $4,248 1
None.  NPC does NOT participate
in any student loans.

On-Time Completion Rate: Data not available. "Standard time" requires full time enrollment and only 27% of NPC students typically attend on a full-time basis. No 2011-12 students completed residential child/youth care certificates in "standard time."

AAS 64  
CAS 36  
CP: Residential Child/
Youth Care Assistant
CP: Substance Abuse Counseling 15  

CP = Certificate of Proficiency
CAS = Certificate of Applied Science
AAS = Associate of Applied Science Degree