Your Award Letter

What is a Financial Aid Award Letter?

A Financial Aid Award Letter is your notification of your financial aid funding that you are eligible for during the academic year.

What is the Cost of Attendance (COA)?

The COA is a reasonable budget assigned by the Financial Aid Office to a student while attending NPC. The COA includes tuition, fees, books, supplies, housing, transportation and personal expenses. The COA may also include child care allowance and medical expense not covered by insurance. This is not an actual cost that is charged to the student's account.

What is the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?

Your EFC is the amount of money you and your family can reasonably contribute toward your education for the academic year. The EFC is calculated by a federal formula, using the information you provided on your FAFSA. EFC is used to determine the amount of Federal Pell Grant and other aid you may be eligible to receive.

What is Total Financial Need?

COA minus EFC is your total financial need.

How is my financial aid eligibility determined?

Once your total financial need is determined, the Financial Aid Office will determine your eligibility.

  • First, a Federal Pell Grant is awarded and it is the foundation of all aid consideration. This is a need-based grant. The grant is based on your EFC and your enrollment status. The grant assists students with documented need who have not earned a bachelor's, master's or professional degree.

Effective July 1, 2012 Federal Pell Grant Life Time Eligibility Used (LEU)

Students are limited to 12 full-time semesters or 600% of Federal Pell Grant eligibility. Students who have received their full 600% LEU beginning the Fall 2012 semester and thereafter are no longer eligible for a Federal Pell Grant. Check you LEU at National Student Loan Data Systems (NSLDS).  You must have your FSA ID to access your information.

If a student is eligible for a Federal Pell Grant and meets the priority deadline of April 15th, the student will be considered for the following funding: (note that limited funding is available)

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity (FSEOG) Grant is to assist exceptionally needy undergraduate students. Priority is given to Federal Pell Grant recipients.

  • Leveraging Education Assistance Program (LEAP) is an award utilizing state funds. The award is for Arizona residents only who are in need of additional financial assistance and who are enrolled for at least half-time (6 or more credits per semester).

What is Unmet Need?
Description NPC COA
Cost of Attendance (COA) 17,136
minus -
Expected Family Contribution (EFC) 0
equals =
Financial Need 17,136
minus -
Financial Aid Awards / Scholarships 0
Unmet Need 17,136


If you have an Unmet Need you are encouraged to apply for the following:

  • Federal Work-Study (FWS) program offers students with financial need an opportunity to earn money working a job at NPC or at certain off-campus agencies while attending college. In addition to earning funds for college costs, FWS offers students the opportunity to gain work experience and develop references for future employment. Your wage is determined by the NPC Financial Aid Office.

If you are interested in the FWS Program, FWS Jobs are linked from the NPC home page, and you contact Career Services and Financial Aid for a current list as well.

Can I apply for a Federal Student Loan?

No, NPC does not participate in any Federal Student Loan Programs including Stafford, PLUS, Perkins and Direct Loans.

What other funding can I apply for?

You may apply for NPC institutional, private or tribal scholarships. All scholarship information is available through the NPC website's Scholarship Search.


Financial Aid Refund date is posted each semester at

2017-2018 Financial Aid Calendar.

Financial aid refunds are disbursed though the NPC Bankmobile VIBE (debit card) after all tuition and fees have been deducted from the student's award for the semester.

All financial aid refunds are disbursed early so students may purchase their books before the start of classes each semesters.

Financial Aid Refunds will be delayed for students who apply late and for late registration.

When will I receive my NPC Refund Selection Kit in the mail?

The NPC Refund Selection Kit is mailed to the student's address before financial aid is disbursed. It is the student's responsibility to have a current and accurate mailing address on file with NPC.

Upon receipt of your NPC Refund Selection Kit you will need to activate your card. Visit and select you preference. See

What do I need to do once I receive my refund?

It is recommended that you print your class schedule and billing statement. Review all charges which include tuition and fees. You may login to MyNPC for this information.

Once you have received your financial aid refund check you are required to pay for your own books. Go to


It is recommended that you contact the NPC Financial Aid Office when you have a change to your class schedule.

What do I do if I am dropped from my class but I am still attending?

Your instructor needs to contact the NPC Registrar's Office in writing. Please do not ask the instructor to call the information into the Registrar's Office, Financial Aid Office or Business Office.

What do I do if my course was canceled by NPC?

Your financial aid award will be reduced and you will be billed. To avoid any billing, you can add another course for the same number of credit hours to replace the canceled course.

Does my funding increase if I add another course after I received my refund check?

Once financial aid refund checks are mailed there is no increase to your financial aid award.

Need more information?

For more information regarding refunds and dropped/canceled classes go here.


Contact your local NPC Campus/Center office, first to answer any general questions. If there is still a problem you may call the following NPC offices:

  • Business Office, ext. 7480.
  • Financial Aid Office, ext. 7318.
  • Registrar's Office, ext. 7459.
  • On-line Bookstore Manager - Vicki Bessinger, ext. 6115 or on-line Bookstore customer service (877) 284-6744.

College and Career Preparation (CCP)

The NPC Financial Aid Office will award the following list of CCP Courses.

The Following CCP Courses are eligible for funding:

Prefix # Course Title
CCP 072

Reading & Writing Application III Science

CCP 074 Reading & Writing Application III Social Science
CCP 078 Math Applications III
CCP 082 Reading/Writing Applications IV
CCP 088 Beginning Algebra with Applications
CCP 103 Workforce Skills
CCP 104

Workforce Skills II

Financial Aid recipients are limited to the equivalent of one year, or 30 credit hours of approved CCP (including formerly BSK/TLC) courses.