Amy Grey

Professor in History & Social Sciences
Area of Instruction: 
History & Social Sciences
Office Location: 
Room 112, Student Center, Snowflake Campus
(928) 536-6248
About Amy

Amy Grey is a fourth generation Arizonan who grew up in Whiteriver, Arizona. The White Mountains are her favorite place to pursue her hobbies of hiking, camping, and biking.

Amy’s dissertation, “Educated Arguments: The Connections between Schooling and Citizenship in Turn-of-the-Century Tucson, Arizona,” explores links between social categories and political access. Because Arizona was seeking statehood during the period between the 1870s and 1912, debates about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship came to the fore during the establishment of new schools. “Educated Arguments” exposes the assumptions that the founders, superintendents, and teachers of Arizona’s new schools made about the future citizenship status of various student populations. Although school officials often labored in earnest to assimilate their pupils to middle-class Anglo-American values and work habits, those pupils and their families almost always possessed more expansive and multicultural visions of their American citizenship.

2014, Ph.D. in History, University of Arizona
2006, M.A. in History, Northern Arizona University
1988, B.A. in Psychology, Mills College
Approved To Teach
HIS 105: US History to 1877
HIS 106: US History since 1877
HIS 110 Southwestern History
POS 110 American Government