Electronic Books

Google Books - 5 million free, public domain books including most classics.

Introducing RDA: a guide to the basics - explanation and rules for using Resource Description and Access cataloging book. On Campus access only.

EBook Collection - several hundred subscription electronic books from EBSCOhost.  Limited to one user at a time. Also available thru the Library Catalog.  For Off Campus access, go to Articles and Databases and select Off Campus Access then use the Database Remote Access codes to login. These codes are also used when viewing the electronic book via the Library Catalog when Off Campus. If you want to download an e-book (instead of reading it online), the portable reader must be compatible with Adobe Digital Editions. Follow this link if you want to download an e-book to a KindleFire. EBSCO also provides directions to save or print e-books pages as a PDF file.

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