How to use e-Cashier to Purchase Textbooks

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    How To Add Textbooks To Your Agreement

         Register for your classes.
    • Make note of the course numbers for all the classes you registered for. (Example: BIO 100)

      Go to the NPC Online Bookstore to find the textbooks you need for your classes.
      • Follow steps on How to order your textbooks and then click the CONTINUE button.
      • When you get to the Payment Method selection page – STOP. DO NOT CLICK THE PLACE ORDER button.
      • Write down the Estimated Total shown at the bottom of your cart on the right side of the page, make sure to include any shipping charges.
      • Then, close your Web browser window.

      Sign up for an e-Cashier Payment Plan account.
      • You will need your student ID number and payment information (credit card or checking account).
      • Follow the instructions on the e-Cashier site filling in the
        fields requested.
      • When you get to the Amount Due/Plan Options under Expenses, and NPC Online Bookstore, add the Estimated Total amount that you wrote down from the NPC Online Bookstore to your e-Cashier Payment Plan agreement.
      • A down payment for textbooks will be required according to the e-Cashier down payment schedule. For the periods that have no down payments, 15% will be required, paid directly to NPC.
      • This amount will be added to your e-Cashier Payment Plan account and reported as purchasing credit to the NPC Online Bookstore. This can take up to two business days.
      • You will know your e-Cashier Payment Plan bookstore credit is ready to use when you receive an E-mail from NPC with your login and password for the NPC Online Bookstore. Once you have it, you are ready to place your book order.
      • You should receive an email confirmation with in two business days. If you do not receive the confirmation email (this occurs frequently if you use Yahoo email), it is likely your email spam filter has intercepted it. Please make sure you check your spam/junk folder. If the message is there, mark it as "not spam/junk" to prevent future blocking, we also suggest you use a different email.

      Return to the NPC Online Bookstore Web site
        • Click the SHOPPING CART icon in the top right corner.
        • If your books are still in the cart, click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button, if not re-select your books again and then checkout.
        • At the secure checkout screen, sign in as a returning customer using the login and password that was emailed to you by NPC.
        • Your e-Cashier credit will show on the payment method screen.


        Please call the NPC Bookstore Manager at (800) 266-7845 ext. 6115