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Course Delivery Methods at NPC

● Traditional Classroom Setting

NPC offers many classes in the traditional lecture, discussion, and/or laboratory format. These classes are identified as LEC in the class schedule.

Interactive Video

NPC offers classes that link all of our campus/center locations through interactive instructional video (VID). This flexible format allows us to expand our course offerings and provide you with more educational options close to home. Students can hear, see and have discussions with the instructor who is teaching on the video system from another location.

Audio Classes

NPC also offers interactive multimedia audio (AUD) classes that again can link all of our locations. This flexible format lets us expand our course offerings to provide you with more educational options close to home. NPC's audio classrooms utilize "smart board technology" which brings a video dimension to the audio classroom by allowing the instructor to use an electronic  whiteboard with touch-sensitive display and digital projector. This feature allows students in distant locations not only to hear the lecture, but to view the white board as the instructor demonstrates computer controls, makes notes, pulls up charts and images, searches the Internet and plays videos.

Online Courses

A variety of Internet classes are available through NPC. In these classes, students learn course material presented via the Internet. These classes are great for those who have busy schedules or difficulty commuting to an NPC campus or center. Prior to enrolling in online classes, students should have access to a computer and should have an e-mail account.

Multi-Course Learning Environment, "lab" classes

Lab (LAB) refers to a multi-course learning environment where several different courses may be offered during the same time frame. These classes should NOT be confused with laboratory sessions. This type of nontraditional instruction allows a single teacher to assist up to 16 to 18 students taking different courses at one time as the students work at their own pace with individualized instruction materials. The teacher becomes a facilitator working with each student, one-on-one, as the need arises. LAB classes allow the teaching of subjects where there are often only one or two students at any given time.

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