GED Orientation Sessions

Improve your GED exam success!

Anyone wanting to register for the General Education Development (GED) exam at any Northland Pioneer College location or at Chinle High School MUST first complete a two-part orientation designed to improve their chances of successfully completing the GED exam. This requirement for completing the GED Orientation Classes is designed to improve the success rate of those taking the exam, thus saving the cost of re-testing. Each class is approximately eight hours long.

This program is supported by a grant from the Arizona Department of Education, Adult Education Division. The program's purpose is to increase the GED pass rates and to assure that GED candidates are well informed about the GED, including agencies that can help pay their GED test fee, and about opportunities available to them following successful completion of the GED.

Questions about the new orientation completion requirements should be directed to the Director of Developmental Services at (800) 266-7845, ext. 6536. The Learning Cornerstone (TLC) also offers additional courses in developmental reading, writing, math, study skills, and English language acquisition.

Course 1: Opportunities Through Education, TLC-099

This course will be required for all Adult Basic Education students enrolling after the semester has begun. Students will be introduced to:

  • the advantages of education
  • learn tips for success
  • set goals
  • discover how the TLC and other NPC services can support their learning
  • everyone will take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) and prepare a writing sample.

Before students leave the first day, or within a couple of days, placement results from the TABE and writing sample will result in a recommendation to either:

  1. Visit NPC's local TLC lab to sign up for classes
  2. If they are close to being ready to pass the GED, sign up for the second course "Orientation to the GED."

Course 2: Orientation to the GED, TLC 058.

During this class, students will learn more about:

  • the skills needed to pass the GED
  • complete a career inventory
  • take a GED practice test
  • receive information about academic opportunities for GED completers
    These opportunities may include a six-credit NPC tuition waiver and textbook scholarship for GED completers who used NPC's TLC program to prepare for the exam. Participants may also be eligible for financial assistance to pay their GED test fee.

At the end of the second orientation course:

Students will get a GED Test Referral Form with either a recommendation to:

  1. sign up for the GED test
  2. to take additional GED preparation classes.
    Note: A student may choose to take the GED test against the recommendation for more prep classes.

All GED Test Candidates have the right to demonstrate their ability in a way that provides them equal access. People with disabilities may be able to test using accommodations that ensure them their equal access. Click here for more information on GED Testing Accommodations.