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About this program

The Learning Cornerstone (TLC) offers college preparation classes in the areas of reading, writing and math along with study skills courses to help students develop skills to succeed with the rigors and requirements of college and university learning.

Areas of Study

Preparatory course for Freshman Composition

  • TLC 090 Writing III: Improve writing techniques, fluency, mechanics, and grammar in preparing for ENL 101. Practice in writing paragraphs, essays and a research paper.

Preparatory course for any college level course requiring reading

  • TLC 091 Reading III: Effective techniques for studying, reading, and comprehending college-level work. Intensive study of literal comprehension and content area reading techniques. Introduction to efficient study skills.

Preparatory course for Math 109

  • TLC 092 Beginning Algebra: Instruction practice and practical application in beginning algebra including signed numbers, powers and roots, equations, algebraic expressions, polynomial, and rectangular coordinates.

Preparatory course for any college level course

  • TLC 093 Building Vocabulary III: Develop vocabulary in a practical, systematic and comprehensive manner. Learn academic terms essential to understanding basic concepts of introductory college courses, use structural analysis and context clues to master words associated with advanced reading and standardized tests.

Brief course designed to give college students a "head start" for studying

  • TLC 095 College Survival Skills: Introduction to basic study skills for organizing college and pre-college coursework.

Preparatory course for college study

  • TLC 100 College Success Strategies: Introduction to the college/university experience. Orientation to campus resources, regulations, policies, and procedures; time management; note taking methods; test reading approaches and skills; library use; test taking; academic planning and information; and goal setting. (Transfers to NAU as an elective--Check with an Academic Advisor.)

Critical Reading course

  • TLC101 Critical and Evaluative Reading: Literal, inferential and critical interpretation of varied reading materials. Prepares students with critical thinking and decision making skills required for success in college and university degree programs. (May be used as an elective credit toward some degrees or certificate programs.)

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