PASS - Proactive Advising for Student Success Benchmarks

Since 2014, PASS has been NPC’s  Quality Initiative Project for the HLC Persistence and Completion Academy. The NPC PASS Team is a cross-functional group which combines faculty from all divisions with staff from student services, advising, and front office management. The purpose is to develop systems and structures to help students improve their persistence and completion. The PASS project includes:

  1. making more college information available to students
  2. educating all employees who have contact with students
  3. incorporating best practices for persistence into instruction
  4. closely tracking students to detect risk early and take appropriate action

Key elements of the PASS process are online training for all student-facing staff, and deployment of Hobson’s Starfish Early Alert and Connect software.

OBJECTIVES: Fall-to-fall retention will improve by no less than 1.5% per year over the course of the five-year project (60.8%). Fall-to-spring persistence will improve by no less than 1.5% per year over the course of the five-year project (87.7%). The successful course completion rate will improve by no less than 1% per year over the course of the five year project (84.4%). No less than 28.4% of the PASS Cohort will earn an associate’s degree, a certificate of proficiency or a certificate of applied science within six years.


Benchmark Target Outcome Current Status Date Completed
NPC employees complete online SOAR 80% of contracted Employees will have taken online SOAR and/or participated in convocation breakout regarding top 10 advising questions. 81% have completed online SOAR for employees. Though the goal was reached, the PASS team still plans to find ways to increase faculty and staff knowledge about NPC. Updated: 9/15/16 9/15/16
Starfish Implementation Starfish will begin with pilot faculty and advisers test the functions and processes.

28 Pilot faculty are participating in the pilot with 155 section total. All pilot faculty and advisers have been trained. 350+ flags (concerns and kudos) have been raised since 8/26/16. Updated: 9/15/16 

Phase 2 PASS Expansion:
full- time (FT) faculty
Majority of FT faculty will be using Starfish software.

All faculty have been trained or have had the opportunity to be trained on division day FA16. A full rollout of Starfish to all faculty happen in SP17. Currently Starfish is available for SU17 and is being prepared for FA17. Below you will find some SP17 data:

  • 77% of faculty used Starfish during the semester
  • 100% of advisors used Starfish during the semester
  • We were able to leverage Starfish to get 100% feedback on students at midterm

Updated: 6/23/17 

Faculty Advising Define Faculty Advising roles during pilot. The PASS team continues to work with faculty and deans to determine how faculty advising will best work at NPC. At SP17 Convocation we discussed in a breakout how most faculty already do basic academic advising, but some felt they lacked the knowledge and tools needed to advise students effectively. In FA17 Convocation the PASS team will host a breakout to teach faculty the basics of advising as well as provide them with a handout to reference the basics of advising. Updated: 6/23/17  
Student Orientation Revamp student orientation so that they receive information when they need it. The PASS team is in the process of moving the majority of the student orientation online. There will be two orientations that they student can take. The first orientation is for a brand new student who just received their student ID. They will learn things about registration and services that can help them with registration. The second orientation will be taken right after they register for the first time. They will receive more information about services that NPC offers to help them be successful in class.