Scholarships for High School Seniors

STARS Scholarship

STARS - Striving To Achieve Reward and Success (for NAVIT students only)

This scholarship is designed to aid current students and recent completers of Northern Arizona Vocational Institute (NAVIT) program with the cost of tuition. Scholarship awards may vary from 3 to 15 credit hours per semester and are limited to a maximum of 45 credit hours in 4 semesters. This scholarship only covers tuition. There may be additional fees and text book costs associated with your course(s). A separate letter of request is required for each semester unless prior arrangements have been made.

Write a letter of request

In order to be considered for tuition assistance for additional coursework applied to your Certificate of Applied Science or Associate degree completion, please write a letter of request. Your letter of request should be 1-2 paragraphs long, single spaced and addressing the following:

  • Your name and which high school you attend; state home school is applicable
  • What NAVIT program you are or have been enrolled in
  • What year of the program you are in - 1st or 2nd
  • How will, or has the program benefitted you
  • What are your future academic plans, such as degrees, majors, professions, etc.
  • Which course(s) are you requesting funding for (Course prefix number and semester) i.e., ENL101 SU 2010
    NOTE: NPC highly encourages you to meet with a NPC Academic Adviser in order to select the appropriate coursework
  • Why you feel you should receive this scholarship
  • Your contact information: physical address, email, phone number or alternative way of reaching you
Submit your letter by mail, fax or e-mail
  • NPC Snowflake Campus – Stars Scholarship
    P.O. Box 610. Holbrook, AZ  86025
  • Fax: (928) 536-6212, attention Carrie Jordan
  • e-mail your letter

Questions, please contact Jake Hinton at (928) 524-7462.


Just graduated high school seniors
This is a summer semester scholarship available to all Navajo and Apache County students who have graduated high school in the current academic year. To receive a FREE summer tuition, present your graduation diploma directly to a NPC campus or center. If registering for classes prior to receiving your diploma, ask your career technician or guidance counselor to provide a statement that you are on track for graduation with the anticipated completion date. Find out more here.