Test Services

Monitored Test Services are Offered in NPC Libraries for:
  • Students in NPC audio or multimedia classes.
  • Students in NPC video classes.
  • Students in NPC Internet classes.
  • Students in NPC math lab classes.
  • Students in any NPC class needing a make-up test.
  • Any students taking a distance learning course from another institution (i.e. Rio Salado).  *$25 fee is charged
  • The libraries and Centers cannot accommodate synchronous testing (groups of students from a class showing up to be tested all at once).  Instructors must allow a minimum of at least one full working day during which students may come to take the test.
  • Cell-phone, tablets, laptops, cameras, recorders, and all other electronic and network devices are prohibited from the testing areas.  Only calculators may be allowed, if the instructor so specifies.
  • No talking or other communications are allowed in the testing areas (other than between staff members and testers).

For NPC Classes:

  • NPC student ID.
  • Writing utensils.
  • First-come, first-service.

For Other Institutions:

  • $25.00 fee for each test.
  • Pay at Campus/Center Office.
  • Display receipt & photo ID before test is given.
  • Writing utensils.
  • No appointment necessary--click here for hours & locations.
  • Contact NPC library for correct mailing address of campus/center where you wish the test mailed to.
  • No testing using computers.
General Rules:
  • Tests are taken in a designated area monitored by video & audio systems.
  • Instructor's directions will be read to you. Only the instructor can give directions. Disregard of testing instructions will be reported.
  • Children are not allowed.
  • Test signature log must be signed after presenting ID.
  • No communications are allowed in the test area. No electronic devices are allowed - except a stand-alone calculator if specified by the instructor. Students may only take into the area items allowed by instructor. It is recommended that students store their belongings their vehicles; however, limited storage space is available in the Libraries and Centers, but the college accepts no responsibility for items stored there. You are not permitted to have outerwear in the test area. You may be asked to show there is nothing in the pockets of your clothing. Cheating instances, leaving the testing room, or any other non-compliance with the testing instructions or rules will be referred to the instructor and may also be referred to the Vice President of Learning and Student Services.
  • If the instructor is using Scantron answer sheets, be sure you have #2 pencil.
  • Give your completed test, answer sheet, scratch paper to library staff. Do not leave on the library desk.
  • Tests not taken by the instructor's deadline are returned daily.

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Call your nearest NPC Library or Center location

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Hopi: 738-2265 / 524-7605 Kayenta: 697-8333 / 524-7648 Winslow: 289-6520
Holbrook: 524-7320 Snowflake/Taylor: 536-6220 Springerville/Eagar: 333-2498 / 524-7639
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