Test Services

Monitored test services are offered in NPC Libraries and Centers for:
  • Students in NPC audio, model, video, CISCO, or Internet courses offered in two or more locations.
  • Students taking a distance learning course from another institution (i.e. Rio Salado).  $25 fee is charged for each non-NPC test.
  • Paper tests only; we do not proctor online or computer-based tests.

     For NPC courses:

  • Faculty should ensure that all tests are received by the Libraries and Centers at least one week prior to the test start date (note that it can take up to 5 to 7 days for materials to reach some remote Center locations).
  • All tests must allow a minimum time-window of one full day in which students may come to take their tests individually.  Synchronous testing is prohibited.
  • Tester must present an NPC student ID or photo ID.
  • Testers should bring appropriate writing utensils.  If a Scantron answer sheet is used for the test, the tester will need a #2 pencil.
  • First-come, first-served.  No appointments are taken and no specific time shall be set for testers to arrive for testing.

     For Other non-NPC Institutions:

  • $25.00 fee for each non-NPC test.
  • Pay at Campus/Center Office.
  • Must present receipt & photo ID before test is given.
  • Writing utensils.
  • No appointments are necessary.
  • Contact NPC Library for information about where to have testing materials sent.
  • Paper tests only.  No computer or online tests will be monitored.
General rules and procedures:
  • All tests shall allow a minimum time-window of one full day during which time students may come at their convenience to take their test(s).
  • Instructors who require synchronous / simultaneous testing services should contact their Dean to procure a special proctor or make other arrangements.
  • Tests are taken in a designated area monitored by video & audio systems where possible.
  • Instructor's directions will be read aloud to tester. Only the instructor can give test directions.  Failure to comply with testing instructions will be reported.
  • Test signature log must be signed after presenting ID to staff.
  • Testers may only take into the testing area those items allowed by the instructor. It is recommended that students store their belongings in their vehicles; however, limited storage space is available in the Libraries and Centers, but the college accepts no responsibility for items stored. 
  • Testers may be asked to show that they have no prohibited items in their pockets or clothing. 
  • Cheating, talking while testing, leaving the testing room, or any other non-compliance with the testing instructions or procedures will be referred to the instructor and may also be referred to the Vice President of Learning and Student Services.
  • Completed test, answer sheet, scratch paper, and any other borrowed materials must be returned to a Library or Center staff member immediately upon completion of the test; do not merely leave items on the desk or counter and walk away.
  • Untaken tests are returned to the instructor on the day of the test deadline.
  • The Libraries and Centers cannot accommodate synchronous testing (groups of students from a class showing up to be tested all at once). 
  • Instructors must not send students to test during class time or any other specific time.
  • Instructors must allow a minimum of at least one full working day during which students may come to take the test.
  • No appointments are taken and no specific time shall be set for testers to arrive for testing.
  • No electronic or network devices are allowed, except a calculator if specified by the instructor.
  • No talking or other communications are allowed in the testing areas (other than between staff members and testers).
  • Children are not allowed in testing areas, nor are they allowed to be left unattended on college premises during testing .
Submission of testing materials and return of tests:
  • Tests should be submitted early enough to ensure that they are received by Libraries and Centers at least one-week prior to the start date of the tests.
  • Time-limited ("timed") tests should clearly indicate the time-limit both on the testing instructions and also on the test itself.

     Tests submitted by courier:

  • Tests and testing materials (e.g., Scantrons) should be placed in a Test Envelope (available from all Library and Center locations) and sealed.
  • Completely fill out the Test Envelope Cover form and provide all pertinent instructions.
  • Test envelope is then placed in a brown courier envelope and addressed to the appropriate Library / Center location.  When  sending to multiple locations, you may simply xerox the Test Envelope Cover form and tape it to each Test Envelope.
  • Test Envelopes may then be dropped off at any Library, Center, or NPC Office location.

     Tests submitted by email:

  • Test will be scanned as a single, contiguous PDF document and attached to an email.
  • Test Envelope Cover form (instructions) will be filled out and attached to the email.
  • Email will be sent to the appropriate Library Testing email accounts* (do NOT send tests or testing materials to specific staff members nor to general Library or Center email accounts).

*Library Testing email accounts all follow this protocol:




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