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YEAR: 2017

October 17 Regular Meeting Packet (PDF) • 134 pages (6.4 MB)
Recording  Part 1  |  Part 2
Regular Meeting
Notice of Board Activity – Retreat N/A
September 19 Regular Meeting Packet (PDF) • 77 pages (3.2 MB) Regular Meeting
August 15 Regular Meeting Packet (PDF)  • 55 pages (1.6 MB)
Special Meeting Packet (PDF)  •  2 pages (711 KB)
Regular Meeting
Special Meeting
July 28 Special Meeting Packet (PDF)  •  34 pages (1.4 MB) Special Meeting
June 20 Regular Meeting Packet (PDF) • 125 pages (4.8 MB) Regular Meeting
May 16 TNT and Budget Public Hearings and Special Meeting Combined Meeting Packet (PDF) • 78 pages (2.9 MB) TNT Public Hearing
Proposed Budget Public Hearing
Special Meeting
Regular Meeting
May 13 Notice of Board Activity – 43rd Commencement Ceremony N/A
May 12 Notice of Board Activity – Winslow Nursing Class Pinning N/A
May 11 Notice of Board Activity – Show Low Nursing Class Pinning N/A
April 18 Regular Meeting Packet (PDF) • 109 Pages (4 MB) Regular Meeting
March 21 Regular Meeting Packet (PDF) • 95 pages (3.1 MB) Regular Meeting
March 10 Notice of Board Activity – Retreat N/A
February 21 Regular Meeting Packet (PDF) • 122 pages (5.6 MB) Regular Meeting
January 17 Regular Meeting Packet (PDF) • 133 pages (4.1 MB) Regular Meeting

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Arizona's Open Meeting Law

Effective October 2010, changes to Arizona Revised Statute (A.R.S.) § 38-431.01D, require the recordings of the regular meetings of the Navajo County Community College District Governing Board to be made available to the general public within three working days of the meeting. Recordings will remain linked until the approved minutes are posted, usually after the following month's meeting.