Medical Transcription

Why Choose NPC's Medical Transcription?

Do you have good judgement, focus and listening skills? The job of a Medical Transcriptionist is to figure out what is supposed to be part of a report and what is not. You will transcribe and interpret meaning from voice recordings that physicians and other healthcare professionals make and convert them into written reports. You may also review and edit medical documents created using speech recognition technology. Transcriptionists interpret medical terminology and abbreviations in preparing a patient's medical history, discharge summaries, and other documents. Prospective medical transcriptionists must have an understanding of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, as well as grammar and word-processing software. Medical transcription can be complex so most employers generally prefer college training. If you're able to work behind a computer for hours at a time, independently, with very little interaction with others and have excellent spelling and hearing skills, as well as a good understanding of grammar and punctuation this may be the perfect career for you!

About Our Program

The skills you'll learn in NPC's Medical Transcriptionist program will help you stand out to employers. NPC faculty understand it is important to not only learn the computer software that will help you transcribe, but more importantly the medical terminology, anatomy and physiology that will help you understand and correctly interpret medical voice recordings. You'll be taught by faculty who truly care about your success and will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Degree/Certificate Options

  • Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Transcription Fundamentals
    A shortened program of study consisting of five classes that focus on the core skills for Medical Transcription such as customer service, medical vocabulary, medical transcription, Microsoft Word, and document processing.
  • Certificate of Applied Science in Medical Transcription
    After completing the Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Transcription Fundamentals, students can take an additional three courses in business, one course each in English and Mathematics to further round out their education and résumé.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Medical Transcription
    Students who want to increase their pay and standout to employers can earn an associate degree in Medical Transcription by taking an additional 34 credits in general education and business courses. Earning an associate degree can give you a significant advantage over other applicants when applying for a job.

Career Opportunities

Medical transcriptionists are still needed because transcription software has still not perfected voice to text translation and thus still requires human supervision. HIPAA laws require patient health information to be kept secure making the allure of outsourcing these jobs overseas less possible. The median annual wage for medical transcriptionists in Arizona is $37,490. (SOC 31-9094, BLS May 2015)

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Department Chair and Faculty in Business
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